Use Iris Smart Hub only as repeater?

Own/use a SmartThings Smart Hub today, find it pretty good except constant dropping of connectivity with ZWave/Zigbee sensors across 3 floors of my home. Have a new Iris Smart Hub in box… any way to connect it with Samsung Hub and only have it act as a Zigbee and/or ZWave repeater?

Not for zigbee. The zigbee profile that SmartThings uses, zigbee home automation 1.2, only allows for one primary coordinator per network. So you can use Iris or smartthings, but not both with the same zigbee devices.

You might be able to add the iris to your SmartThings network as a secondary Z wave controller and gets zwave repeating that way, I just don’t know if Iris allows you to do that.

I don’t think you can link the Iris hub to the Smartthing hub at all. I have completed my migration from Iris V2 to ST v2 last year and just have the Iris hub sitting on top of a shelf unplugged. For OP’s issue, he/she may consider getting the Samsung Connect Home mesh setup.

It would probably be less expensive to use the Lowes Iris pocket sockets, which are very unusual in that they can act as both a Z wave and a zigbee repeater. (There are two different radios inside the device). They are very popular in the community. And often on sale at a local Lowes if there is one nearby.

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Thanks for the suggestion - is there any special setup for those to act as repeaters, or just plug them in, add them to SmartThings Hub, and all the sensors that sucked before now work? :wink:

It will depend on the exact layout. The following FAQ should be helpful. Start with post 11 in that thread, then go back up and read from the top and it should answer most of your questions. (This is a clickable link)

Edit: Nmind, read further in reviews, it is not :frowning:

One further question - you linked to the current Iris plug which is 120-Volt - know if the older 110-Volt version is compatible with SmartThings, acts as repeater? Great prices on Ebay

That old version of the Lowe’s Iris plug is not compatible with SmartThings; you need to use the model number 3210-L.

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