Use Homebridge with Samsung Appliances via Station?

New here. I have been using the SmartThings app with my Samsung range and refrigerator. No issues. I just purchased the SmartThings station and I added that to the SmartThings app. Now I have 3 devices: refrigerator, range, and the station.
My goal is to have the refrigerator and range connected to the station then I can connect the station to Homebridge and merge the SmartThings environment to my HomeKit environment using a plugin.
The appliances are connected to the SmartThings app by WiFi and so is the station.
Do I need to install a driver on the station to connect to these appliances or am I just out of luck here?

Unfortunately, that’s not how the SmartThings architecture works. :disappointed_relieved:Standalone hubs do not connect to the appliances. Even if they are on the same Wi-Fi. Instead, the appliances connect via the Internet to your SmartThings account in the SmartThings cloud.

Here’s the official schema:

The appliances are “directly connected“ devices: they don’t go through the hub at all.

Also, at the time of this writing HomeKit itself doesn’t have an appliances category. You might be able to bring some information In via Homebridge as separate sensors if you mirror them to virtual devices first, But I don’t know anyone who’s done that. Hopefully if someone has they will post. :thinking:


Thanks for the reply. What good is the hub if devices connect directly to the SmartThings cloud/app? I use multiple hubs for automation like the myQ hub for multiple garage door sensors, Apple TVs as hubs for HomeKit that brings all HomeKit devices under 1 umbrella so to speak.
I was hoping to use the hub to connect all non-HomeKit devices that are SmartThings/matter aware and then link the hub with all devices to Homebridge.

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The hub allows you to use a wider range of devices with your SmartThings account. This would include Zigbee devices and matter devices. (Other models of SmartThings hubs also allow you to use Zwave devices, but the station doesn’t support Zwave.)

So the station is very helpful if you want to bring third party devices that use matter Into your SmartThings account, But if you are only using devices that connect directly to the SmartThings cloud, the hub doesn’t give you anything extra. :man_shrugging:t2:

FAQ: What do I need to add a Matter device to the SmartThings app? Do I need a bridge router device?

Also, note that at the time of this writing, even having a SmartThings hub only means you can add matter devices to your SmartThings account. There’s still isn’t any way to take a SmartThings hub and use matter to add it to a different matter platform like Apple home. That’s because the smartthings’ matter integration is only one way in. Not out.

And matter itself doesn’t yet support most appliance categories. (Robot vacuums are an exception, although even there only a few manufacturers have added matter support.) So using that for multi platform integration for appliances is still a ways off.

There may still be some things you can do via homebridge without using matter, but as I mentioned, I haven’t heard of anybody making that work for appliances. But again, hopefully if someone knows they will post

You should be able to get more information about using a SmartThings hub, including the station, with Homebridge (without matter) in the following thread:

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