Use Enerwave SC7 as Button Controller to Trigger Scene or Run Routine?

I have the Enerwave 7 Button Scene selector (ZWN-SC7). I would like to have one of the buttons trigger a scene, or run a routine that triggers a scene. This is seeming a little more difficult than I expected.

I am using the Device Handler from mattjfrank (

And the Smart App Button Controller (

However, I am only able to select Switches and Lights. There is no option for scenes and routines.

Is there a way to assign a scene or routine to a button on a device like this?

There is no published API to activate a Scene (yet).

Adding code to run a Routine is relatively trivial and could be done by asking the developer, or I’ll try to find a code snip somewhere…

I did this by creating a simulated button, then used Smart Lighting to tie it to a scene, then with Webcore tiggered the virtual button from the SC7

Since the device type handler defines it as a button controller, you should just be able to use it directly with the official smartLights feature or with a routine. Both have an option to activate a scene when a button is pressed. You wouldn’t need a simulated button or webcore. The SC7 is already treated as a button controller. :sunglasses:

So just start with the official smart lighting feature, select the scene you want to activate, then say when the button is pressed, and you should see your SC7 on the list of button devices to choose from. If not, I would ask the follow up question in the author thread for the device type handler. The other smart app won’t matter.

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@danjp - How did you create the simulated button?

@JDRoberts - I went down this path, however I don’t think this Enerwave 7 Button Scene controller is “officially” supported by ST or the SmartLighting App. When I try to add the SmartLighting Smart App, and choose my Enerwave button controller, it shows the whole thing as 1 button, and therefore will only let me assign an action to button 1. If the SmartLighting App would recognize all 7 buttons, then yes… this would be exactly what I need.

Interestingly, the SmartLighting Smart app works with an Aeon MiniMote that I have, and correctly recognizes all 4 buttons. Is this an issue with the Device Handler that I’m using for the Enerwave?

I will look around to see if I can find some examples of adding the code to run a routine as @tgauchat recommended. If anyone knows of some good snippets, I would appreciate a link.

Thanks for the replies

Update - I found the FAQ for creating a “Simulated Switch”, and this seems to be doing the trick!

Thanks to everyone for your help!

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Yes, it’s the device type handler. There was a change about a year ago that now requires device type handlers to specify how many buttons they have. It’s just like a two line change. Then once you have that, smart lighting and web core and routines and other standard code can identify the individual buttons. The following thread has the code you will need if you can’t find a more current device type handler that already fixed this issue.