Use Cooper RFWC5 as a multi button switch?

My Vera Lite bit the dust a few months ago (battery leakage) and I switched to SmartThings because of its good reputation for integrations (IFTTT, Lexa etc.) I have 3 Cooper RFWC5 Scene Controllers installed around the house. I realize that ST doesn’t support Z-Wave scenes - but I would very much like to be able to get some value out of the devices passing button-pushes back to the ST hub. I’ve seen several other posts asking about this… has anyone gotten it to work? - Matt

I’m working on a solution for the RFWC5. I hope it will be ready use in a few weeks.

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How is that solution coming? I am very interested to use this to trigger scenes in smarthings or stringify…

Couple impending factors delaying it. One I’m having issues with the getting the controller to config properly. Two, I’m not that skilled at programming. Three the weather is getting nicer up here in Wisconsin and outdoor projects are under way.

Right now I have the DH updating attributes that match the indicators on the RFWC5. Much of the issue revolves around the controller not doing much of anything until it is configured and associated properly to the hub. So I need to get that worked out.

Have you had a chance to look at the new Z wave Tweaker? It’s very cool. :sunglasses: You assign your zwave device to it temporarily, use the tweaker to set associations and parameters, then change it back to the every day DTH. Saves a lot of time.

I have it loaded up right now with the RFWC but I have not messed with it much. One thing I noticed is that it is reporting the configuration parameters differently than I have been seeing them. the configuration report my DH give shows size as FF but the tweaker shows 00 and the FF is part of the value. Both are wrong as the only 1,2, or 4 are valid for size but I’m interested to see if there is a clue to what’s going on. Its raining here today so I spend some time on it tonight.

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Definitely would love to see this work. I too moved from Vera to ST and have one RFWC I’d love to continue to use. From what I’ve read this won’t work with ST given it communicated directly with the devices and doesn’t communicate with the hub. Would be great if you could figure it out though!

Let me know if I can help out at all.

Below is a link to the beta release for the Cooper scene controller DH.