Use Connect home as AP to extend ZigBee & Z-Wave?

Hi there question I am perplexed on. Apologies if already clearly answered but I couldn’t find it - although Amazon forums suggest I think it’s possible.

I have a ST setup, mostly works fine with ST hub in main house. However it won’t extent to a detached garage which is quite far away, and after many attempts I have given up on trying to build a mesh out to get to it. Really want garage door and fire detectors to work in there…

I have live internet via ethernet in the garage.

Can I simply buy a Single Connect Home AC1300 Router - configure it as an access point in the garage and have it extend my ST network there? (I already have good wireless internet setup and don’t want the Connect home to do anything but extend my ST network to the garage)

Would be ideal if so but cannot seem to find concrete answer - thank you so much for any input…

See the WiFi mesh FAQ, The same answer applies to the situation you describe:

FAQ: Does using a Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi mesh network expand the range of my Z wave and Zigbee devices?

There’s a how to article in the community – created wiki on automating an outbuilding which describes some of the approaches you can take and should be of interest:

Thanks so much for the rapid answer. Sadly your response I guess makes sense, it is not leveraging ethernet, it’s just another repeater. So reading that and the other article it appears perhaps there is no way to leverage the fact I have ethernet in the garage to ‘repeat’ the ST network there…