Use cases for color smart bulbs?

^^^ This “toddler director” is the exact reason I’m shopping for color bulbs right now.
Are you happy with the Lightify, or do you ever wish you would have spent the extra money on Hue instead?

I’m very happy with the Lightify bulbs we have so far (2x Color, 4x tunable white, 1x Flex strip). I really struggled between these and the Hue, but ultimately decided that the extra features of the Hue were really just fun gimmick type of things (and mostly IFTTT based). I just could not justify the extra cost of them for everyday lights. My current plan is to use Lightify through out the house and have Hub bulbs in special use case locations. Hear recently I’ve thought about adding some of the Lifx IR bulbs if we go to some IR based camera around the house.

Overall I don’t think mixing the different brands is that big of a deal since ST really just sees them as a bulb. Any slight white light color variance between the brands should be easy enough to fix by adjusting the temperature of one or the other.

All of that said, I’ve not compared any of them side by side.


I’ve connected my weather radio to SmartThings (most of them have a contact closure connection) and I’m using CoRE to turn my bulbs red and blink if there’s a tornado warning. As soon as my second weather radio arrives, I’ll have them flash yellow for a severe thunderstorm warning. This is something I’ve wanted to make happen since I was a teenager. :slight_smile:


Ha, I went for a cheaper but more involved set up. I am using EchoSistant Notifications Add-on to Fire a Profile that sets the colors when Weather Alerts are issued.

I’m surprised this isn’t something you can do with IFTTT.

I’ve stopped using IFTTT for several things. The delay is annoying.