[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved

Ok… Thanks… update again… that is fixed.

You must choose either a speaker or SMS to send a Push message.

if you input a message into the “Append this text before the text message” it will be added to the beginning of the push message.

Does this fix require an update? I don’t see any updates in github.

It should be there now. Sorry, it didn’t upload


Dude, no need for apologies. You guys do amazing work and are always extremely helpful and patient. Thanks for that. Btw, push notifications working great now.


Thanks, we appreciate that y’all like our app…

Glad it’s working now.

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Update for Notifications Add-on. You can now run the actions of a Messaging and Control Profile when the Notification Event happens…

Please update Notification add-on to R.0.2.3

Update was inspired by this discussion:

Example: Turn Lights to Red when Tornado Warning is issued and announce on Sonos that warning is in effect and when expires…


This is a minor update to the Notifications Profile Module to fix bugs.

  • Push messages not being sent - Fixed
  • Speaker volume not reporting correctly in logs - Fixed

Please update your Notifications Profile Module to:

  • Version:4.0 R.0.2.4
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Can I get some help with changing colours on Philiops Hue bulbs please? I have setup a profile called LivingRoom which has Group Coloured Lights setup with 2 Philips Hue bulbs. I have created a profile with the name living room and in the intent schema and Sample Utterances the name is displayed as LivingRoom (the same as the app) and also the main intent LIST_OF_PROFILES has LivingRoom listed out.
When I enter the following test text: ‘change the colour blue in the LivingRoom’ I get an error message of:

“response”: {
“outputSpeech”: {
“type”: “PlainText”,
“text”: "Sorry, I wasn’t able to change the color to change the color blue in the LivingRoom, would you like to try again? "
“card”: {
“content”: "Sorry, I wasn’t able to change the color to change the color blue in the LivingRoom, would you like to try again? ",
“title”: “EchoSistant Try Again”,
“type”: “Simple”
“shouldEndSession”: false
“sessionAttributes”: {}

Any suggestions?

Forget about the test…It looks like you were trying to test from the Main Skill. And also when controling Profiles, you don’t need to update anything on the Amazon side, no slots or utterance…

Just say: Alexa set (change) the color to blue in the Living Room

You can delete the list of profiles from your main custom skills.


This is a “Feature” update for the Security Suite Module & a minor update to the Parent EchoSistant App

Please update Security Suite Module to: Version 4.0 R.0.0.3
Please update EchoSistant Parent app to: Version 4.0 R.0.2.11

EchoSistant minor change ~ Change SHM audio output from Armed Stay to Armed Home to match what is in mobile ST app.

!!!You can now control your Garage Door with your Keypad. This is tested using the Iris CentraLite Keypads.!!!
Thank you @Squidward for the idea.

Security Suite Module New Features include ~

  • Up to 3 Users with Unique codes for garage doors
  • Each user can control a single garage door, or multiple garage doors
  • Receive a detailed Push Message when the door is opened and closed
  • Detailed logging of garage door opening and closing

How to use ~

  • Enter 4 digit code
  • Press “ON” to open the garage door
  • Press “OFF” to close the garage door

Logs and Push messages will look like this:

~~ If someone with a smart lock that has a keypad would test this and let me know if it works, it would be great.

Thank you,
Jason and Bobby


I love to read this!!! I honestly haven’t set up my echosistant yet due to not really having enough time but is there a way to use the garage door smart app you just posted without echosistant?

No, there isn’t. The Security suite is a child app of EchoSistant and will not run on its own. Sorry.

Notifications UPDATE!

  • added ability to select which state you would like to be notified for each capability (For example: on, off, or both for switches; open, close, or both for contacts, etc)
  • added water and smoke Capabilities
  • added 10 NEW weather variables (&today, &tonight, &tomorrow, &wind, &UV, &precipitation, &humidity, &conditions, &high, &low
  • added date as general variable (&date)

Release 0.2.5 is available!

Security Suite Module UPDATE!

  • minor bug fix for the Push Messages on Garage Door Opening being blank

Please update to Version:4.0 R.0.0.3a

If anyone has a smart lock with keypad, will you please check this and tell me if it works with them? I can only test this on the centralite keypads.

I actually got it to work without fully setting up the echosistant. I installed the main smart app and then the security child app. In the echosistant I created a profile and only selected my garage door as a device. Then I set up the security suite app. Would say error if I didn’t set up the keypad in all the areas not just the bottom part for garage. But in the end it works. Im assuming because its a child app I can’t see security suite app in my smartapps list after configured but I can find it if I just go to the smartapps tab on the keyoad itself.
Just thought I would share this with you.


Ok, thanks.

You do need to install the Messaging and Control Profile. That one is required and gives you a lot of power with the app.
You will not see the child apps in your list of apps.

You open the ST mobile App, tap on Automation at the bottom, then tap on SmartApps, then scroll down and tap on EchoSistant.

You access the child apps via the main EchoSistant app.

You only go to the list in the market place to install apps… not to create or modify child apps

Ya I have the echosistant parent app and the security suite and profile child apps. Love that you incorporated the keypad to do more than just SHM.

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Ok, I was thinking I had read your post wrong… no worries.

I did see another post from you in a different thread about having it control switches and things. I do like that idea.

We have some big things coming in the next week or so but I really like the idea of expanding on this…

Keep the ideas coming!

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Ya I was wondering what seperates it from a simple button press. I have read how individual presses don’t register but codes followed a setting like on or off do. Could be used for things like a mail Dropbox that unlocks to last 4 digest of package number and then relocks when closed and code is burned. I was wondering if you would be willing to share how you changed the code to allow garage doors at all? Was hoping to modify the original lock manager code to integrate into codes I already have set up. Just thought I would ask.