US adds Xiaomi to list of alleged Chinese military companies

I wonder if this is just about their phone business or EVERYTHING. Are those cheap little sensors spying on us?

It’s everything. I didn’t add any Xioami devices to my setup until they offered a US based server. Anything on a Chinese server is available to their government, we’ve discussed that before.

How much that matters to any one individual is going to vary a lot.

I would agree that the phones are likely the point of biggest vulnerability for any one individual. But to claim they are a tool of the Chinese military does seem like overreach.

Not necessarily. All of our military personnel carry cell phones for personal use (even when deployed). With the cloud capabilities of these phones, our deployed troop status can be ascertained. That is a National Security issue.

There is also no guarantee that something in the company phone tools is not snooping on the owners


So just don’t use their hub. Pair the sensors to smartthings or hubitat. Problem solved.

Their new t1 line of aqara sensors will be Zigbee 3.0 certified if you’re worried about connection drops.

They are already on sale in china but out of stock until after the spring festival. I managed to get some.