Updates to the SmartThings Platform

Just ride it out like many of us are doing & keeping our fingers crossed. If this mess continues then I think my option will.be running hubitat & Samsung hubs.


The Ring Alarm system is completely different technology than the doorbells and cameras. Instead of WiFi it is state of the art Zwave, and quite a nice system. (The Keypad in particular is a great device.) For the last year it has consistently scored #1 rankings for low cost DIY security systems everywhere from the Wall St Journal to Consumer Reports. So as always, the first rule of home automation applies: the model number matters. :wink:

Anyway…I’m not sure what specifically you wanted to do with the cameras/doorbells, but you can always use Amazon routines and get a similar level of integration to what’s available with SmartThings. (In fact, the Amazon method works with a few more models than ST.)

Just saying if you choose any system which is primarily local you sometimes need to go out of system for integration with cloud based devices, whether it’s IFTTT, Homebridge, or Alexa routines.


I just set up a ring alarm system and am quite impressed. i was already using a couple of the ring alarm keypads (2nd gen) with my ST system and @RBoy device and app handlers. The only thing missing for me so far for the ring alarm is a very loud external siren. which i can put together with a ring dome siren and a relay to either trigger a ST contact or pass thru 12v for a siren horn.


I almost gave it a shot when I bought my current house and was debating what security system to install. I was hoping Ring’s alarm system would be more open (e.g. an API) but it isn’t. I also don’t see any particular benefit in its use of zwave-based sensors, since Ring only supports their own sensors.

Home automation is cool but it isn’t critical. Security for me is. Not even so much the intrusion part, but the fire/smoke alarm part. We have pets and I want to know if something bad happens at home, and I’m willing to pay more for a professional grade alarm system that I know will be reliable, even if I have to give up some automation features I’d like to have. Ring’s alarm infrastructure may be better than their doorbells & cameras, but my confidence level in Ring as a whole is not enough to trust the safety of my family to them.

In my backyard, I have a Ring Floodlight cam as well as some regular light fixtures, with ST zigbee bulbs. On my back door I have a ST button that toggles all of them on or off when pressed. My dog likes to go out in the middle of the night, and I want the lights on before I open the door. The lights on the Ring floodlight wouldn’t go on otherwise until it detected motion, and if I set the motion sensor too high they go on and off when the wind blows.

On the front of my house I have 4 fixtures. My wife doesn’t like the lights real bright, so they’re on a zwave dimmer. When my ring doorbell detects motion between sunset/sunrise I set the lights to 100% until there’s no motion for 3 minutes, then they dim to their previous value. Not only is it convenient to have the extra light when we come come, a few times I’ve seen lowlifes trying our car doors late at night so this serves as a deterrent.

I consider these to be fairly basic automations, and were easy to accomplish with ST and webcore. I don’t see any easy way in Hubitat. I really don’t want to rely on reverse engineered APIs and the like. Using an intermediate like Amazon routines or IFTTT might be possible, but I’m not crazy about adding yet another cloud system in the mix.

If I had the time and money to do it all over again, I’d certainly make different choices and pick devices that could be controlled locally, or at least had published APIs.


while out mowing the bigger then average suburb backyard around the pool and shrubs on this very cool morning (waited all week for the cold front) I reset all the outside bosch motion sensors. They have been out there for almost 3 years now in the cold of winter and heat of summer and the batteries still say 100%. I did rotate the 4 batteries around.

Just set up our new Q70T 75” and have had numerous problems. Connected via the smart hub and set everything up. Alexa won’t open Netflix or Prime Video with out saying “Alexa tell the TV to open Netflix”, same thing with Prime. We should be able to say “Alexa open Nextflix” right? She keeps saying we don’t have any connected video skills. Alexa won’t turn on the TV (though she will turn it off). Tonight we couldn’t even turn the TV on via the remote without power cycling.

We are very disappointed with this Tv and it’s our first in 8 years. If Samsung can’t correct this we are going to take it back.

I know with the Firesticks and a lot of other devices and skills, you have to link them to an Alexa device in the TV and Video settings in the Alexa App.

Rontally we are using the HMI ARC input with a sonos beam on our Q70T. Netflix isn’t listed as an option on TV and Video settings. Also since Netflix will open when we use a specific phrase that seems very odd it won’t when we say it another way. Alexa keeps saying we don’t have any enabled video skills. It’s the same when we try to open sling or spectrum Tv apps, in fact hose aren’t even listed in TV and Video. Thank you for your help.

If you’re looking for help with Samsung brand appliances, vacuums, or televisions, including how they work with the SmartThings app, see the official support forum, which includes assistance from Samsung staff:


They may just send you back over here, but the people over there are much more familiar with the televisions and what you can do with them.

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