Updates to Ecobee Thermostat through scenes has stopped, manual changes directly to device work

…and we’re at it again. Noticed today that the scene automation has stopped working again for the thermostat. Ecobee temeprature does not adjust when I arrive or leave. Is anyone else noticing this issue as of today (recently)?

Your solution was brilliant last time – figure out what’s up with it this time…

I’m haven’t noticed the same issue post the changes above. I haven’t specifically looked recently but ill keep my eye out. I will point out my experience with support with the above issue. I spent a considerable amount of time (weeks) back and forth emails with smartthings support and didn’t end up with a solution. I spent 15 min with ecobee support and came to a resolution. Take that for what you will.

Figured it out. Maybe an update changed the fan settings to auto, but I turned them back off again (not set). Problem solved based on Original Solution.