Updated the DH of Power Meter

have to excuse my lack of experience but once updated a dh should I remove and re find to see the changes. Or does it happen right away. Confused.

it changes right away. If you are looking at it when it changes you may need to refresh or go to another page then go back to see the change.

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Mmm. I must be doing something wrong. When I paste it into the code page. Do I have to hit create? My directions say to just paste then go to devices page find it, edit, find the type in box and click update. Then says save changes. I don’t see anywhere I can click save changes. Not sure if I am suppose to hit create once pasted? It does say update successful, but when I look at the update the time is still from first install. (IDE)
Am I doing it right.

There should be a few options starting with save then plush, etc. First you should save then second you should publish. You must publish the new code in order for it to update. A good rule of thumb i use is to save and pulish everytime. Save allows you to save changes you make without it effecting the actual device. Good for if you are making a lot of changes.
Also if you are changing a DH you already added then also make sure you completely replace it with the new one so you dont get errors of any kind.

Does anybody happen to have dh for V1 that can have a scheduled reset.
Be nice to have a change able time frame allowance or daily allowance and then once reached could use the existing smart app thats in Energy Management to turn switches off etc.