Updated app, devices showing disconnected, but status is correct

Hi all, I have checked various similar threads but cant find the answer i am after, apologies if i have missed it but hope you can help

i updated my iphone app yesterday and now all my devices (apart from ring doorbell) show as disconnected. Their status is showing as correct (for instance the motion detector will change to ‘motion detected’ and the light status will change to ‘on’ correctly), but i cant go into the device specifically.
Any ideas?


Have you tried rebooting the hub from the ide?

hi, ive turned the hub off and on again, doesnt fix the problem

what does ide mean?

thanks for your reply

Which hub do you have? If v2, did you remove the batteries when you powered it down?

IDE - https://account.smartthings.com

yes took the batteries out.
have used the ide to reboot a couple of times still says disconnected on the app
however, on the ide, it shows all them all as connected ok…
might unload and reload the app

Disable device health in the Classic app

i have reinstalled the app and seems to be working ok. I didnt think of doing that before.
jkp thank you very much for your help, appreciate it