UPDATE: Recent SmartThings User Experience & Platform Performance

I’m not irate about it just pointing it out. Its natural for people to point out problems but usually stay silent when all is working fine. If the powers out you call the electric company but you don’t call to say good job when it’s on.

Mine too. Along with no response from Lifx or hue bulbs But that’s a normal day here.

so your the average one


Normal issue with my presence sensors. Mine seems to have a better social life then I do. Sometime they leave several times with out returning in between. Asked support for help. Once I was told they had more important problems then mine and the second time I was sent a link to a FAQ sheet. Both sit a drawer and lead a life of their own.

Don’t feel bad. It’s not the number of devices you have, it’s how you use them.


Yes, mobile presence has been a major thorn since Smartthings inception and this does happen occasionally with my wife’s presence sensor also, but figured I would report it here since there was this major platform update last night. In fact, I was the one who suggested to the CEO that they take a poll on this to see how problematic it was. What was done about? Absolutely nothing. (Only 21% on here reported it working, and yes, this can be skewed somewhat, but there were enough people reporting issues for it to be looked into further). @slagle Is this even on ST roadmap?

Mobile Poll Presence

Hey, ST. Good Job!
Everything is working this morning… for once.

EDIT: Nevermind… I spoke too soon.

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I gave up on any sort of presence functionality months ago.
When our alarm, which was no longer connected to any smart apps went off late Christmas eve ST (eventually) blamed it on my wife’s phone being logged into the account.Of course this is after they waited until long after any logs had been overwritten to bother responding. Even then I had to raise a stink on the forum until someone took a look.

Since presence was useless anyway at that point. I removed everything from the app. My system still continues to work poorly, but the alarm hasn’t gone off since. Of course that is probably because I finally got around to unplugging it and yanking the battery.


My presence has been flawless since a reconfiguration of hub location and location of repeaters more strategically. There is more interference in our homes than we really like to admit. I had given up too until I stopped blaming ST and decided to look at my own setup which was ok but not optimal.


The IDE is requiring me log in every time I go to a new page. Is this the new norm? Also the device does not sort.

I live in an old home with aluminum siding, and a metal roof. It’s practically a faraday cage. Some cell phones barely work in here.
Other than ST, wifi, cell phones and tv, we have relatively few electronics. If it’s one of those, then ST must be poorly designed, because I’d dare say that most homes today will have at least some combination of those things.

I ran an additional ethernet cable to keep my hub away from all of those. I’ve seen no improvement.

If you want to suggest a bandwidth that will interfere with ST, I’d be glad to drag out my old oscilloscope and check for any stray signals.

You probably have Smarttiles open. Oauth logs out your IDE session as Smarttiles refreshes.


yeah for some reason all my devices are small


HaHaHa! Good one!

HAHA! Yes, but I’m probably the least frustrated out of most here. :wink:


That was part of yesterday’s release, but I haven’t checked it yet.

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I must say. All my lights came on when they were supposed too (motion not time) my garage opened when I came home from dropping off the kids and it didnt trigger the alarm. So far so good for me

Good work ST Keep it up with the update tonight


SHM didnt disarm this morning for me, resulting in an alert every time we let the dogs in or out, went into garage, etc. As I was pulling into work this morning, I receive 2 separate motion detected “intrusion events” on 2 separate floors in my home. This prompted my wife to immediately text me to see if I was playing hooky from work today.

Anyone else see this?

YMMV. It was a general comment for folks reading related to presence sensors. Every home is different, but the comment about what worked for me may work for others that are new or have not considered it.

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Many of us believe that the application state corruption that is affecting Rule Machine is also affecting SHM (both RM and SHM use state variables extensively). The fix to the application state corruption is due to roll out today.

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