Bulb firmware questions

so I have been over a few post about firmware. I know my lightify and gelink bulbs have a firmware update out there. so should i reconnect them back to there original hubs to update them? or is the pain not worth the gain?

I assumed i wouldn’t remove them from ST i would just reset the bulbs back to the original hub to update them then reconnect to ST.

anybody? nobody? somebody? surely someone has been there done that

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I would definitely reset the GE bulb and update them if there is a new firmware that’s more reliable. I was close to buying the GE or Wink hub just for this then I realized I have a Phillips hub and don’t have to do this.

I have the hue hub. sooo… how does that come into play? can I update the firmware with it? do I need to connect the ge bulbs to the hue hub?

Not sure if the Hue Bridge will update third party devices.

I believe the Wink hub updates them but I haven’t tried yet.

thats why i was curious when @Navat604 said he didn’t have to worry about updating since he had the Phillips hub.

so i had never plugged the link hub up. i connected it to the wall and connected a bulb that had never been paired and was in the same box. installed the wink app as instructed bulb works but i dont see anyway to update the firmware. i am sure the bulb and hub need an update they have never been out of the box and i know they have an older firmware… any idea?

i removed the bulb from GE hub and added to the hue hub and the bulb works fine but no update from hue either so I have no idea

Sorry, the hue hub won’t update the bulb but the bulbs just don’t drop off the network like ST Hub. I think because the hue hub is using the bulb with ZLL and not ZHA? @JDRoberts?

The GE link bulbs which come in a set with the link hub ( The little white square that plugs into the wall) come pre-paired with that hub. So that should work straight out of the box with it.

That said, I haven’t heard anything about a GE link firmware update being available. I know that GE has said that they are going to do one to solve the drop off problem, but I haven’t seen anything that says it is actually available.

After that, Ray is correct, the Phillips Hue bridge Will not be able to do an update for the GE link bulbs. They can only update Phillips hue bulbs.

As far as the drop off problem, that can occur whether the GE link bulbs are connected directly to the SmartThings hub, or through the Phillips hue bridge. You can find a lot of comments on other boards where people just have the Hue bridge about the yellow ! Next to GE link below bulbs when they drop off. :disappointed_relieved:

I also wanted to add that there is a new problem turning up in the Amazon reviews for the GE Link hub, which is that it is no longer being updated it all, as it was actually manufactured specifically for wink. (The separate wink hub is more up-to-date.) so if someone only owns the GE link hub it is possible that they could buy newer GE link bulbs that would not work with that hub. Apparently that is what wink support is now telling people. Look for reviews from March 2016 and newer.

That’s an entirely separate issue, but it’s the only recent reference I’ve seen to firmware and the GE link bulbs.