Update App List! Barkley has Been Fed Already!

Can SOMEONE explain to me why it is is that the SmartThings app doesn’t list all the apps available? Why do I have to manually find them outside the app? Why have they put literally zero effort in to update the list since I first got my hub like 2 years ago. Trust me. #BarkleyHasBeenFed.

Even when I click #more. I don’t really get #more.

While I’m at it. The Core is so much better than the native tool for building rules. Why isn’t that now the actual default.

They haven’t said officially, and I’m just guessing here, but it does seem that since the release of the second generation hub in the fall of 2015 most of the development effort has gone into “solutions” rather than the specialty smart apps. These include the official smart lighting feature, smart home monitor, significantly expanded features in routines, and the new scenes. Between these four options you can now do many of the things that the individual specialty smartapps used to do.

Just as one example, when they added the ability to trigger a routine from a switch coming on last year, they eliminated the need for a bunch of specialty apps.




And of course for those with a strong technical background, the unofficial webcore (which replaced core) is essentially a scripting language for SmartThings with the ability to do much more complex stacked conditionals.

You put all of that together, and we rarely see community developed smartapps anymore, while there used to be several a week.

There are a few specialty issues where they come up, usually to add a feature which is inexplicably missing from the solutions such as the ability to group dimmers or motion sensors, or the ability to add an exit delay to smart home monitor. Or more advanced lock management.

But pretty much all of the general stuff can be done with one of the options above. We do still see community – created device type handlers at the same rate as previously, so it’s not that people aren’t still coding. It’s just that they don’t need to code multiple variations of the basics anymore.

If you want to quickly search for existing custom smart apps, you can check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. That should show you most of what exists, and is kept pretty up-to-date. :sunglasses:


You can also see lots of examples of webcore rules (called Pistons) and get help with designing your own in the webcore forum, linked to from the webcore FAQ listed up above.

But as far as officially published specialty smartapps in the marketplace, I just don’t think we’re going to see very many more of them going forward. The whole design approach has shifted over the last two years.

But again, I’m just guessing. :sunglasses:


Doesn’t have humidity. Very annoying. Trying to turn on a fan when it gets too humid.

What doesn’t have humidity?

I see where you are going with this. And I agree that IF there is an internal integration that works natively like this, it is a superior option. But there are some things I want to do that require more nuanced approaches. I can write a rule in CORE. But then we all end up writing repetitive stuff.

Seems like they should clear out the marketplace of ridiculous apps that nobody uses, clarify how integrations work with Harmony, Ring etc. And then explicitly build a more complex rule generating tool with a connection back to GitHub within ST for sharing what people write.


They did this at the beginning of last year to clean stuff up that wasn’t viable or not supported. I’m sure they will go through and clean it up again.

For now, if a Marketplace SmartApp exists that doesn’t fit your use cases 100%, then webCoRE can usually satisfy that request and for me, if you put everything under one :open_umbrella:️, then everything is easier to manage IMO. Creating 2 Routines here, and a Smart Lighting app rule here, just creates havoc when you are trying to manage everything you have added. From a maintenance standpoint if you have everything added as Pistons and classified in the correct folders, if something goes wrong, you have one central location to troubleshoot everything, not 15 different places you added a Routine or a rule or another SmartApp. Only benefit of using Smart Lighting is that it runs local, but the difference in my network and the performance of a fraction of a second between local and cloud is so minimal, my lighting is best served with webCoRE. Just my .02

What ST should do and what ST will do is all speculation and a guess.