Unwanted device showing up as a Smoke Sensor in Smarttthings Home Monitor

It seems recently, my Kitchen Door is showing up as a Smoke Sensor in my STHM. The door (and two other doors) is listed when I modify the Smoke settings in STHM, but only my Smoke Detector is actually checked. I’ve tried reseting the Smoke settings in STHM, but the door is still listed. Weird?

That could happen if whatever DTH you’re using for those doors/locks (I suspect locks?) is publishing a smoke capability. What DTH are you using?

Rboy dth for the locks. I guess what i don’t understand most is why one of the locks is showing up in my selected smoke sensor list even though it’s not selected. It seems to have shown up uninvited. It seems like a recent development.

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That’s what I thought… They don’t show as smokes in my install but I distinctly remember them being available as smokes in the past (and I use RBoy as well)

In a recent copy (I’m running v.5.0.0) he’s commented out the smoke detector capability (he uses it to expose it on locks that support it.) until the custom presentations support hiding it for locks that don’t support it. I don’t remember when he did that but it was pretty recent. If you update your lock DTHs it should go away.

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Thanks @nathancu, that cleared it up.