Unlock Smartlock Based on Location

I’ve searched a lot of different posts and am having very little success with seeing a method to unlock my Kwikset Convert automatically when I arrive home. I only see a method to Lock the deadbolt based on when I leave.

I selected

  1. Add automation
  2. Custom automation
  3. Based on member’s location
  4. Made sure that “when?” stated “When any selected member arrives”
  5. Selected “Add”, then “Control a Device”, and then “Front Door Deadbolt”

None of the options give me the action choice to Unlock. It only gives me the option to Lock the door.

Please provide assistance with automatically unlocking the door lock upon my arrival. Thank you!

It can’t be done in the new app. :disappointed_relieved: You have to download the SmartThings classic app and then you will be able to do it. This is just a decision that Samsung has made for the time being. write support if you would like to see The feature restored.



Not sure if you got this to work yet but it does work with the new app.

Yup, the new app introduced that a few releases ago, so hopefully the OP has figured that out by now since his post was over a year ago :wink:

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