Unique Z-Wave Sensor Hardware Identifier?

For calibration purpose (temperatures…) I am looking for a unique and STABLE identifier which would uniquely identify a specific hardware sensor and NEVER vary through (un)pairing, sensor reset, hub change, handler update, etc…
Something like the MAC hardware address for the ST Hub, but this one attached to a specific Z-Wave Device paired to the ST Hub.

I tried the “device.id” which returns something like : “d4c9e5b2-ee20-4ffb-8134-8c3e8c73c00a”.
Unfortunately the “device.id” is stable ONLY until the device is unpaired/paired from its hub, then it returns a completely different identifier.

And I would very much prefer to use something unrelated to the display/log interface, ie NOT device.label, device.name nor device.displayName, since all those 3 could have to be modified in the future for display purpose.

Any suggestion ?

The Z-Wave protocol doesn’t have any universal way to uniquely identify a device across exclude/include.

There is a command in the Manufacturer Specific command class called Device Specific Report that provides the serial number of the device, but it is not supported by most devices. You can try requesting it with zwave.manufacturerSpecificV2.deviceSpecificGet()