Zwave and zigbee device "network" question

Quick question about zwave and zigbee devices - do they have the equivalent of a unique MAC address like in the networking world that does not change and is assigned permanently of the device itself?

Zigbee devices have unique MAC address. Z-Wave do not. They may have manufacturer serial number, but it’s not mandatory.

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So, a zwave device that I have will not be identified as the exact same device between two different systems - if I were to switch it from one to another?

Basically, I was trying to get a handle on the whole migration thing. TO me, if there were unique IDs or serial numbers that could identify a device as the exact same device, I didn’t understand why the migration was so hard. In that scenario, you would still need to exclude and include, but you could have the device IDs already in the system and then they just “attach” back to them…so no SmartApp changes would be necessary.

But, I can now see the issue as to why this is harder. Thanks, @geko

If there are no unique IDs to match up physical devices as of migration, the worst case should be to offer the Customer a web interface where they can match the Devices manually. If they do one at a time, this is trivial… If they do multiple, then the Customers should be encouraged ahead of migration to ensure all Devices have unique names and that they should put stickers on the Devices so they use the same (or manual match friendly similar) names when adding to new Hub.

Everything is solvable, even if not totally optimal or comprehensive, it would make a huge improvement.

I was thinking something like this as well, @tgauchat. I just wanted to fill in some blanks that I had on how the zwave devices worked at a more raw level.

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Hi All,

I am using z-wave in my network: 3 endpoints, a controller and a router. Using Ip scanner, I can see the endpoints and my controller with their respective ip addresses; however, they share the same MAC addr: the one of the controller. This is causing a big slowness on the network! Can anyone help me on this issue?


Z-Wave doesn’t use IP/WiFi and thus doesn’t add any MAC or IP Addresses to your IP network.

The SmartThings hub uses a single IP LAN connection.

Z-Wave will not slow down your LAN.

It’s an entire separate (mesh) network and different frequency.

ZigBee is also a separate mesh network, but might cause some RF interference on 2.4gz frequency overlap.

Dear tgauchat,

Thanks a lot for your answer.
In fact, I don’t have a problem in z-wave network (RF side). However, as I see in SigmaDesigns SDK, when we inititalze the controller, it asks the router for an ipv4 addr for each zwave node included in the RF network. The DHCP discovery is sent to the router with the MAC addr of the contoller (since the node doesn’t have a MAC addr). Therefore, in the router, we will see all nodes with different ip addr but same MAC. This condition makes a slowness on the ROUTER (ip traffic) and for some routers, the controller and nodes are exluded from network (doesn’t respond to ping requests).

Thanks in advance.


This forum is for those who are using the SmartThings brand home automation platform from Samsung. All of the questions and the answers are given within that context. There are six different available SmartThings hub Devices that include a Z wave controller, but at present none of them have implemented Z/IP, so they do not ask for IP addresses for the end devices as you describe. SmartThings customers do not use the Sigma SDK.

What zwave controller are you using for your installation? The issue you describe can occur if someone has implemented the Z/IP Gateway with openHAB or in some cases with Homeseer or a Razberry from

However, unless you are using a SmartThings brand controller, I’m afraid this forum can’t help you. And if you are using a SmartThings brand controller, you shouldn’t see the issue you describe, as your individual Z wave devices will not be assigned IP addresses except for the hub itself. (@posborne might know if anything has changed in this regard) Unless you are in some Beta that we don’t know about, in which case, you should consult the beta leader.

I’m sorry we can’t be of more help, but as far as I know that’s not a problem that would occur in a SmartThings system.

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Dear Roberts,

Thanks a lot for your answer.
I use the controller of Sigma designs ref board. Anyway, this was a good chance to know more about smartThings.



OK, then it sounds like you may have loaded the Z/IP gateway model but not have it fully configured. I’m sorry, I don’t really know anymore than that, I haven’t worked with those options, and, as mentioned, they don’t come up if you’re using a SmartThings controller.

I would try asking in the Z wave developer forums At the Z wave alliance and hopefully someone will have some ideas.

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