Under-Cabinet Puck Light Kit

HI, So im new at this and excited to integrate everything in my house. I’ve had Hampton Bay 6-Light Black Under-Cabinet Xenon Puck Light Kit from Home Depot thats under the kitchen cabinets and it has a dimmer block button to turn on and off with 3 dim brightness. I need some ideas on how to use with ST. I would love to turn it on and off from the dimmer block as well as the ST app. Any ideas would be great. Thanks everyone.

Is it a single button you press multiple times for different brightnesses or is it a up/down button set, or is it 3 separate buttons for each?

If its a single button, a MIMOlite would work, or the Arduino ThingShield.

Hi, It is a single button you press multiple time for brightness. Would love to keep the 3 level brightness but I can make do with just on or off and keep the button. Not sure because it has a 3 level dimmer. Thanks for your help in advance.

The 3 level dimmer is just that button right? or is there a separate input for the dimmer?

I would just stick this into a MIMOlite in momentary mode. In the device type on ST you would just tap the button multiple times to get your different levels of dimness. You could also wire in the input side of the MIMOlite to a relay and check the status of the lights so it shows in ST correctly.

Ok, so I would buy the MIMOlite and a relay? What relay do you recommend?

and yes the 3 level dimmer is just that button. There is no separate input but you can pull out the dimmer

So I purchased the MIMOlite and for life of me cant figure out how to install it. Any ideas on how to do that? Do I need to purchase wires for it? Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Wire the button to the COM and NO output.
You will need to create a device type for the MIMO in the IDE and tweak it a bit to run the way you want. The community can give you some tips on creating a device type if you need it.

Great Thank you Brian, so it would look something like this, since there is only 1 wire.

ooh. is that a capacitive touch button?
Are you sure its just 1 wire and not a two wire in a single sheath ?

Unscrew the control box to double check how it connects inside. (unplug first of course.)

Good point. ok. Thanks Ill check tonight.

Very interested in the outcome of this project! Let us know how the process goes?

@docwisdom So yeah, it is a single wire touch button. I took some pictures to show you whats inside.

OK, so after just trying to “see what happens”, I cut the wire from the touch button to the control box, I connected NO1 to the puck button and the Control Box to COM and it works. I tried it with and with out the jumper and it works the same. So the only thing that is a pain in the App, you have to tap it twice to turn on and twice to turn off. So on the button its a 4 touch button, low, medium, high and off, (4 touches) with the app its 8 touches. Wonder if that can be fixed In the UEI. Any ideas? Thanks again.

Wow! good progress.

Sometimes you have to just bite the bullet I guess.

Is your jumper on the MIMO set to momentary? If not you will need to exclude it from ST, change the jumper, power it up and then re-add it.

Its also a bit strange that the button is working when connected to NO (Normally open - aka not normally connected to common). I would think it should be connected to NC (Normally closed - aka normally connected to common). But whatever works.

P.S. I like your graphix

Thanks Brian. I tried that and it works the exact same. lol. Oh well, at least its turns off and on but wish i can tell if its on or off because of the 3 touch dimmer button. Thanks again for making this work for me.

Do you have the light output wired through the MIMO sensor? You should be able to sense that voltage with the MIMO and have it represent in the ST app if its less than 24v. Are they 12v pucks or 110v? It may require a simple relay.

Were you able to solve the 8 press issue in the app?