Login/hub issues

Hi. I am having issues with my smartthings hub and apps. Just bought this system about a month ago. I had it up and working for a few weeks. Saturday my hub was unable to show proper status of the devices in my home and when I would try to do something like turn a switch on or off it would come back with a network or server error.

I then proceeded to reset the main hub to factory default. I was unable to successfully add it back into the app. I have since deleted, re-added the app as well as multiple restarts on both devices. (IPhone X and iPad Pro).

When I first download the app it recognizes the new hub but won’t let me add it without being signed in. The problem is I am unable to sign in on either device. When I hit the sign in button nothing happens.

Phone support with samsung has been beyond worthless. Anybody here have any ideas?

See if you can sign in at https://account.SmartThings.com

If not try https://account.Samsung.com and if unable to login there, try to reset your samsung password.

Or contact ST support :slight_smile:

No error message when you click on the sign in button?

So I’m thinking this has to be ISP related. I was unable to use the links you provided using my local ISP on either device and AT&T on the iPad. I was however able to log in using Verizon only on my cell phone and the link you provided. Also I was able to use my phone as a hot spot for the iPad and log in that way as well. Weird.


I may be way off here but try changing the dns server away from the isp. On the iPad, you can manually change it in settings > wifi > your ssid > click on the Information icon to the right > change automatIc to manual and change the router address, try (google dns) or whatever public dns you prefer

Then try to login.

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