Unable to create/change modes?

(Pete) #1

Home, Away and Night are the only modes that can be checked, despite that I’ve deleted all the default modes and created my own ones, like Movie and Party mode. When I set up my light, for example, I choose “Only when mode is” and none of the ones I’ve made show up. Further, when I try to change modes from Hello, Home, it always says “Currently, mode is set to Home” no matter what I do.

On the Android app.

Any suggestions?

(Pete) #2

Ok, I just realized that there’s kind of two different areas for “modes” which makes it a little confusing. I figured it out!

(Ben Edwards) #3

Is one the Modes and the other the Hello, Home phrases?

(Pete) #4

Yes, that’s right. I was a little slow to figure that out. Granted, I don’t think it’s the most intuitive interface.