UL Listed dual relay switch

Hey all,

I’m looking for some hardware recommendation, i’m looking for an in-wall on/off dual relay module that i can connect to smartthings that is UL listed. I havent been able to find a dual one that is UL listed. I’d like to be abl eto control my fan and light with a single module. Any recommendations?

There aren’t many. Most of them are certified to CE standards, but that’s a self certification process and may not meet your requirements.

SmartenIT has one intended for pool pumps which does have an ETL certification but it’s physically larger than the others and a lot more expensive, so I’m not sure if it would meet your needs.


Aeon Labs got a UL listing for their motor controller micro, but I don’t believe they did for their dual relay, I think that’s just CE.

I forgot to mention that Leviton used to make a dual switch that fit in a single gang space and was UL listed.

It is now been discontinued, but we can hope that they will bring out a new Z wave plus model as they have been bringing out zwave plus replacement models for their other devices over the last couple of months, but no guarantees that they are going to update this particular one.

They are still using the case for a Bluetooth device, but we will just have to see if they come out with a SmartThings – compatible version.

Retailers have sold out of the previous one, unfortunately.