Relays in Light Fixtures

Haven’t found a definative yes or no if relays in light fixtures can be done. I have a room Single switch when i bought the house controlled both the lights in a room 15 feel apart. Before smart things( like 2006 for me) i put in two of the hunter ceiling fan type wireless switches in that had a fixture module that was placed in the fan/fixture. I have one of each in the room. I now have a smart things hub and would like to convert this setup to smart things but again I would need relays or modules that could go into the ceiling fan/light fixture since it is the same wire that powers both fixtures. I would also like to have any module directly connect to the zwave switches I could put into the way. If anyone knows of an easy diagram software I would put up the diagram as well. So to really state my need Can I do it with this and some zwave plus switches

  1. Ceiling fan module/relay that i can place in the ceiling that i can connect to smart things hub and directly to a switch so if my hub stops working the switch can still turn on the fan/ and light . Also i don’t need fan speed control i leave my fan on high all the time so just on and off for the light and fan
  2. Ceiling light module that can also connect directly to a switch and the hub in the ceiling
  3. Which switches I should use to direct connect. I think any zwave plus switch should work but want to be sure.

I know there is scattered info on this on the community but I don’t see anything to current and was hoping for ideas

if some one else can use this thread great. Just figured out my wires for the light/fan are hot wires and not neutral so this won’t work as a single solution. going to need an electrician

You can definitely put relays for controlling lights in a light fixture, that’s quite common.

As you discovered however fans are something else. You need a specific device intended for control of a fan motor. So it’s not just the wiring, it’s the device itself.

Fortunately, there is one which works well with SmartThings and is quite popular. See the following thread (this is a clickable link) . You can ask any follow-up questions there. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the help. But I cant find a way to buy this never seen it in stock at Home Depot. Also can I go switch to relay for the light only one direct connection if both are zwave plus

You’ll need to ask your follow-up questions in that other thread. They can explain to you how you can order it and the different ways you can set it up. :sunglasses: