UK smart heater (AC a bonus)

Hi All

Just brought a new house and have an outside office. Here in the UK it can get rather cold (sometimes hot) :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a heater that could warm a space around 5x5 meter and cool too in the summer. does anyone have any suggestions things that have worked things have not?

I want the smartthing intergration so I can use alongside my house automation and use some temp monitors I have.

Any ideas all?

I have a similar situation, with a garden room. I just use the temperature collected from a Samsung Motion Sensor, and a Smart Outlet with a standard, and therefore cheap!, convector heater plugged into it. There’s a Smart App called Virtual Thermostat that does the control. Works well for me…

Maybe add a stand up or wall fitted A/c unit and then add one of these to control it