[UK] Scolmore ZIgbee Sockets & Modules

I’ve recently come across the new Click Smart+ line from Scolmore. They are offering a range of Zigbee products including single and double sockets as well as light switch dimmer and on/off modules.

The sockets seem to be reasonable priced, certainly compared to the Aurora stuff, so I was wondering where anyone has an experience of using them with SmartThings?

Just being zigbee isn’t enough to be SmartThings-compatible, it depends on which “profile” they use.

I didn’t see that information on their site, so the first step would be to check with the company and ask.

If it is a proprietary profile, it will only work with their own hub.

If it is zigbee home automation 1.2 (ZHA 1.2), ZLL, or Zigbee 3.0, then integration may be possible.

See the community FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link.)

Also note that some of their devices like the plug in pocketsockets use WiFi, not zigbee. Those models will not be directly compatible.

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I like the look of these devices, has anyone tried the power sockets…?

According to the datasheet they use the zigbee protocol


I may pick one up to give it a test…

I see they also have Wifi plugs but Im interested in these zigbee sockets…

Just being “Zigbee“ isn’t enough, because the third-party standard allows for many different profiles, including ones proprietary to a single manufacturer.

See the community FAQ:

FAQ: Zigbee Application Profiles, or why not all zigbee devices work with SmartThings

Did any try these? I am needing a single( 1 gang )smart socket, because the plug in ones keep getting knocked and broken, Lightwave RF has stopped doing them but Clicksmart+ has them for £20 , has anyone tried there Zigbee to smartthings? Can anyone think of another socket I could try thanks Daz

Yes, can confirm they work.

You’ll need to log in to the IDE and change the device type to “ZigBee Multi-Switch” as it will first add as a “Thing” but, there on out, it’s plain sailing.

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Thanks Phil

Wondering how reliable these sockets are? Been using a few of the Aurora ones for just over a year but every couple of months they randomly go offline and Aurora’s support isn’t support…just excuses, they don’t seem interested in a potential software bug. So looking to replace them with one of these. Have you had any hiccups?

Hi Djsat2
I have not got one as yet, I fixed my single lightwaverf socket, going to spray it white, I won’t be getting until I pass one of the wholesalers, and depending on the answer you get :wink:

Just got three of these from Click4Electrics and used one to replace an existing socket in an outdoor waterproof enclosure. ST Hub found it immediately and, as suggested above, changed the type to ZigBee Multi Switch in the IDE. It immediately showed the other switch as a child switch and the second switch appeared automatically in the ST App too. Checking both remotely, they both work perfectly.
About as plug and play as you can get for smart stuff. Time will tell about reliability but so far would recommend for ease of installation alone.

Hi I have bought these Clicksmart+ but i cannot select them to add on the SmartThings hub,
what did you select Thanks Paul