UK PIR retrofit alarm sensor


I have PIR sensors in several rooms within my house that are used purely for detecting movement when the home alarm is activated.

I’ve been thinking of various ways to make these devices smarter. Without replacing the whole alarm system I’d like to be able to achieve the following :thumbsdown:

  • Know when (via Smartthings) a PIR detects motion; at present, if my alarm goes off, I have no idea until I get home or a neighbor tells me (not that this happens frequerntly
  • Detect temperature in these rooms
  • Retain the use of the PIR for the current alarm system (wired PIR’s)

Is there anything on the market that would provide these types of capabilities? The important one is to retain the alarm functionality.

What’s your alarm system? (manufacturer/model) for anyone to give you specific advice they’d need to know that! You should be able to, at the very least, dependent upon your alarm system…get your alarms set status into smartthings using a fibaro universal sensor. I’m not sure about the pir sensors and temperature though.

Good question. It is a Accenta G3

So I had a look at one of the PIR sensors today, purely out of interest and if the Fibaro Universal Sensor could be fitted to make the devices smarter.

Is it just a matter of link up the wires between the PIR and the Fibaro sensor like so :-

PIR to Fibaro

P - 12v (Red wire)
GND - 0v (Black wire)

If so, where do the Blue and Yellow wires map to? They’re simply labelled as ALARM on the PIR but how do I know which one they map to the Fibaro. Or do they just map to IN1 and IN2?

IN1 & IN2 are 2 separate inputs, you’d just use one of them, so from what I can make of it (but tbh I don’t really understand the instructions fully ) something like yellow wire -> IN1 (binary sensor) OUT1 -> to where the yellow wire was.

Can this senor be wired directly to the Accenta G3 panel itself?

I think it can. This may be a better solution but you’d loose the ability to monitor temperature in the location of the PIR. Not entirely sure on the wiring solution on the alarm panel itself.

I note this post is a year old but im hoping someone may be able to help.

I would like to put a Universal Sensor in my Accenta G3 Panel to report movement on a few of the PIRs, i have attach a photo of the inside of the panel

Would the folllwing be the correct wiring;

Sensor red to 12V in panal
Sensor blue (gnd) to gnd in panal
Sensor yellow to replace blue wire (from PIR) in panal
Blue wire from PIR (removed to fit yellow above) put into Output from sensor
Other Output connection to gnd in panel

Any comments would be appreciated.

Thank you