Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor & Light set up (EU Wiring)

Hello, I have a few questions for anyone who is in the know on this forum.

My set up query is unique to me and I cannot find an answer on google or indeed this forums search options.
Firstly I have 5 x LED outdoor GU10’s under my porch which runs along the front of my house. This is operated from the utility room via a standard On/Off UK switch.

Above these lights under eaves/gutter I have a standard LED sensor light with an attached PIR, again this is turned on/off from the inside utility room.

In the utility room I have 2 switches in total, one for each of the above lights. I have access to all the wires at this location including the neutral wire (thank god) & the live wire is standard UK specs 240 volts and all earths are present.

I am wanting to add a Fibaro FGS-222 Dual Relay Switch somewhere along these circuits so I can effectively control both the sensor light and the porch lights using the smarthome app/hub.

Is it possible to seperate the light and PIR sensor so that I have control of both seperately? For Example: Have someone walk up and activate the PIR during the DAYTIME but not have it automatically set the attached floodlight off.

So both the floodlight and porch GU10’s only need to be activated at night and work independently of each other but the PIR works 24Hrs and is used as a smartthings switch to lets say notifies me of the postman arriving or activating a sound systems if no one is at home (security dog barking or something similar) during daytime hours making the PIR effectively a STANDALONE smart switch during the Daytime.

I hope someone can advise the best route to take with this.

Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks as always :slight_smile:

Does the nonnetworked sensor light currently distinguish between night and day? Many of these have an internal light sensor so that when you walk past during the day the lamp does not turn on, but when you walk past at night it does. Or is it one of the ones that always turns on the lamp when the sensor detects something?

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Hello thanks for replying :slight_smile: It has 3 x adjustment switches at the back of the PIR. 1 x lux, 1 x time and the other is sensitivity. So effectively will the sensor still send switch signals to the fibaro if I set the LUX to work 24Hrs a day? but at the same time how do I stop the light from coming on? Or would it go onto the nightime settings on the Lux and would the unit still send a switch activation signal to the relay switch, during the day? if so that would be great!

All I know the floodlight is a LED one with the PIR attached to the bottom and is made by LAP it’s also 10watts


Don’t know if this will help but it may give you some ideas.

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Not sure if it is what you need, but does this device report both lux and motion into St? If so you can react to motion but only if illuminance is lower than e.g. 8 which is dusk or dawn. That is standard light automation.

@dudz40 I think the Fibaro just is just a double relay switch, So I am guessing it’ll let me know everytime I get a motion detection with a standard PIR (fingers crossed) But yeah the Lights are just ‘Dumb’ along with thew PIR. Maybe there is a better way by using the Fibaro motion sensor but I think it has had some issues relating to false activations outside and so on…Thanks for the feedback. Also that link is great @Inpier it’ll help me loads :slight_smile:

P/s I do have a blink system set up but the new outdoor cameras are not availablke in the UK yet so thought I would make a start on the outside with the above