Fibaro Universal Sensor for Motion detection issue

Hi all,
I have a number of fibaro universal sensors that are attached to alarm motion sensors around my house. Most of the time they work well however occasionally they won’t respond following motion stopping (ie there is no more motion however the SmartThings app is showing as motion). This will remain in this state until motion is detected and then stopped again. I have tried adjusting the response time etc in the parameters. Has anyone seen this and got any ideas how to overcome it?
Is there a way to refresh/poll etc the Fibaro universal sensor through webcore? (the poll/refresh actions don’t seem to be available for a sensor)

Further to my first question, what type of latency do people experience with the Fibaro universal sensors? When using them for a trigger to lighting I find it can be 2-3 second delay

I have the same stuck motion issue with Bosch PIR/Tritech sensors. They are EXCELLENT for the money but 1. take a bunch of batteries at a time and 2. stick on motion, which I filter thru a Webcore simulated motion sensor. If the actual stays on for a continuous minute then turn the simulated off until the actual turns off. Bosch Security PIR Pet Immune Motion Sensor $12 w/free shipping

Fibaro universal - very interesting - never used it, seems like a good value.

In general I expect the latency is due to the cloud not the sensor. Maybe the sensor can be relocated to turn on the light before you get there.