UK Light switches – My experiences (2020)

Oh! I will have to have a look at these! Thanks for the heads up

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I found these to be good too. There are also some others which look like they are all from the same OEM:

The manual I got for the Candeo one is actually very good, but I would like a PDF to store away as I am bound to lose it! Anyone found a PDF for these?

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I am now confused with this thread so please can someone share the final DTH for Yagusmart 2 gang zigbee switch?


Did you get an answer for this yet as I am really confused with this thread? I have a two gang Yagusmart and would appreciate if I can get the DTH and pairing instructions


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Finally got this to work like a charm and huge thanks to absolutely no one for helping me out. This thread will take a noob to the mental hospital for sure as it has several references to multiple DTHs and multiple gang switches so need sometime to figure out the right one. I don’t understand how difficult it will be to simply copy and paste a working DTH instead of either asking us to go and find it in github or avoiding to post a simple DTH when requested by someone.

I am happy to share the DTH to anyone who wants to make their 2-gang Yagusmart (not to be used as a two-way switch) work. Detailed steps are as follows,

  1. Purchased a ’ Yagusmart Zigbee Smart Wall Light Switch, Neutral Wire Optional, Need to Work with Tuya Zigbee hub, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, IFTTT, App Remote Control, Timing Function(2 Gang)’ from amazon UK
  2. Copied and pasted the DTH (pasted at the bottom for anyone’s reference) in my smartthings IDE account, saved and published for me
  3. This is most important step as only one switch will be added if you get it wrong. Press one of the switches for 10 seconds, add device in smarthings app and wait for it to find both the switches. If it does, then proceed to step 5. If not, go to step 4
  4. Press the other switch for 10 seconds, add device in smarthings app and wait for it to find both the switches. It definitely should now find both the switches and if it does, proceed to the next step. If it doesn’t then either check the wiring or return the unit for a refund.
  5. Rename both the switches and move it to the correct room
  6. Change the type of the parent and child switches to ‘Zigbee Multi switch power’ and ‘Child health switch’ respectively.
  7. Turn on the switch physically and it should remain on till you switch off. If it switches off automatically after a couple of min, then the DTH is incorrect and you need to find the correct one again
  8. Turn on the switch through smartthings app and it should remain on till you switch off. If it switches off automatically after a couple of min, then the DTH is incorrect and you need to find the correct one again
  9. Write a simple automation to check if it works
  10. If you are in this step, you are all done and will not regret your purchase

Kudos to the person who developed the DTH though.

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Nice write up!

Just wanted to be sure that you’re aware that the Groovy cloud and the IDE will be going away, probably in a few months. That’s likely why you didn’t get many responses here: most of the people who work with custom DTHs aren’t spending time on the Groovy versions anymore. :thinking:

The new platform will instead use “Edge Drivers,” but those are still in Beta, making it difficult to know what will require a custom version. But again, it won’t be a Groovy version. So it’s all pretty unpredictable right now.

The official announcement:

Announcement | SmartThings Edge for Devices and Automations

Currently available Edge Drivers (still in Beta):

As JD points out, groovy is on its last legs, you will need an Edge driver at some point in the near future

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Noted guys, thanks and the subset of groovy is news to me.

I know it’s all up in the air now but do you know answers to all or any of these?

  1. What should I do to set up Edge?
  2. Is it going to be a repository for DTHs to preserve my existing devices and automations?
  3. Can I program the same way as I do in webcore?
  4. Will there be a migration from webcore to Edge automatically?
  5. What will happen to my existing devices that are running on DTH?
  6. Should I invest on more devices that require a DTH?

All very good questions, but we should take them to the following thread. Several of the questions are already under discussion there.

Announcement | SmartThings Edge for Devices and Automations

Or, since I think your list is a particularly good list from a non-coder point of view, you could create a new topic called “Consumer Questions about Edge” and put it in the following section of the forum:

Connected Things - SmartThings Community

It’s up to you. :sunglasses:

Thanks Rob. In fact, I bought the Yagusmart based on your recommendation in one of my earlier posts on ‘Firerated down lights’ in the UK:-)

Regarding webcore, I have developed 8 pistons for various purposes but I guess I need to wait and see what I need to do with these now.

Looks like you are in the UK so would like to keep in touch with you to pick your brains, share ideas etc.

Hi all - just taking a look into this thread as rebuilding my porch currently.

At moment, I have a Wemo wifi bulb & smartthings motion sensor, so if motion detected in porch then light switches on.

Will be installing downlights in the porch and have been looking at solutions for keeping the same functionality. Came across the BroadLink Smart Touch Wall Light Switch, 1-Gang Single Live Wire Switch, No Neutral or Capacitor Required, Glass Panel, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, S3 Hub Required (With Hub)

Ideally I would like to add this switch into my smartthings devices as I love the app - its been incredibly stable the past 2 years now & dont want to change over.

  1. Is this going to be possible?
  2. Do I need something else (I am getting the Tc3-1 with the usb hub)
  3. is there alternative solution I can use?

thank you!

There’s no direct Integration with smartthings for that model. :disappointed_relieved: I didn’t look into the specs deeply, but if it works with IFTTT, you might be able to get a partial integration that way.

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Thank you JD Roberts.

Ive gone with this as its certified Smartthings product

double the price that it should be in reality, but gives me the functionality I need in the porch using the existing Smartthings routines etc

Hopefully other manufacturers will provide Smartthings certified solutions in the near future & the pricing will be more in line with what it should be. Once I have it installed & working I will feedback onto this thread a review of how I found it.

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