UK Light switches – My experiences (2020)

Has anyone found any dimming switches that have a neutral connection (outside of Aurora A1 dimmers which seem to be plagued with issues)? I am currently looking for a decent switch solution for a new build house, but perhaps retractive switches with in-line dimmer modules are my only options?

There are some Z wave all in one 3 wire switches available for the UK market. Vesternet carries most of them:

Check in the forum for discussion of specific models, in particular for anything which is multi gang, as those might need custom code.

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Thanks, I didn’t know they had their own github! :man_facepalming:


I don’t know if the official DH was updated but I bought a Yagusmart
manufacturer: _TZ3000_fvh3pjaz
model: TS0012

set type as “Zigbee Multi Switch”, created a child switch as “Child Switch Health” and the two switches are working good and no problems regarding the two minutes issue.

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Hello everyone,
I also bought Yagusmart switches and was facing the 2 minute issue. Then I went through the handler for multi-swith and found two things -
On line 238: it is checked if the manufacturer is Orvibo.

private Boolean isOrvibo() {
   device.getDataValue("manufacturer") == "Orvibo"

And on line 217, in configure method, it is checked every 2 minutes, if the manufacturer is Orvibo, then its okay, or do a Refresh.

So, anyone facing the issue, can simply return true from isOrvibo method to get rid of it. I am pasting my handler here for other’s usage.


I tried this and it is still turning off after 2 mins! :frowning:

Do you have the yagusmart switches? Can you show me the handler you are using?

I got it to work! After editing the DTH, need to re-pair. Once I done that, it worked! No more turning off after 2 mins!

Great! Well done. I do like the switches, even though they aren’t a rocker switch like traditional UK switches I like the switch feel of them.


Your 2 gang Yagusmart switch when its offline have a green light and when its on have a orange/red light?
Is that supposed to?

I dont exactly remember what LED colour when off line. When online the LED colours are - Green = Off. Yellow = On

I like it as well but I prefer the other touch ones with glass on front. Looks more premium than these. These feels like cheap plastic. I have a number of yagusmart touch switches. I bought these to try as some of the touch switches have touch sensitivity issues. Sometimes needs to touch couple of times to register the touch.

I’ve had success using this method, with zemismart 2 and 3 gang no neutral wall switches.

It works for both 2/3 gang after I changed this code to include both manufacturer codes:

private Boolean isOrvibo() {
device.getDataValue(“manufacturer”) == “_TZ3000_wyhuocal” || “_TZ3000_fvh3pjaz”

I’m assuming this or statement (||) could be extended to include any desired manufacturer codes.

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Or simply we can return true from that method to support every manufacturer!

private Boolean isOrvibo() {
 return true

Can’t understand how ST are not including it by default in the stock dth…

Hey, is there a way to get this working for the 1 gang switch using the same method in that DH?

Hey, in this handler, just comment out the line number 96, thats it. This is what i am using

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Great. I will test it out.

I also created a modified one which people may find helpful so far so good.

Hi guys,

First part here so bear with me.

I have the b smartthings hub and recently purchased the yagusmart 4-gang switch. Obviously, it didn’t want to work out of the box so I turned to this thread to get it working.

Initially or just showed up as a “thing” in my smartthings app and kept turning off. I have managed to change that using one of the codes posted above so that it is now showing up in the app and doesn’t turn off.

I pasted the code into the IDE and it now shows up in the IDE as a “Zemismart ZigBee Smart Switch” however, in my app it doesn’t actually do anything. There are controls in the app to turn the device on and off and set up a timer for it.

What I don’t know it’s how to get the switch to actually control my scenes.

What’s my next step?


Is sangboy’s dth what you tried?
If not, give it a try…