UK Light Switch Options 2023?

I need some recommendations for smart switches with dimming capabilities. I have an aeotec hub, and would like the switches to run locally.

Please advise! I need 1 gang and 2 gang switches.

SmartThings has always had issues with multi gang switches because it puts its own architecture layer over the top of the third-party standards, which means things often work great for a year or two, and then suddenly stop working, because smartthings has changed something on the backend without notice. There are many threads in the forum about these kinds of issues. :disappointed_relieved:

If you can wait a few months, this is a device class where Matter should bring a lot of new inexpensive candidates that won’t require any custom code. They may be Wi-Fi over matter or thread over matter or zigbee connected to their own hub which then bridges them to matter, but they will all run locally and should be easy to install. And hopefully be removed from some of the historical issues with multi endpoint devices.

If you can’t wait, I think there are two good options right now, but both may lead to a frustrating installation experience that requires a lot of extra work.

  1. the most popular for power users: get one of the many Tuya Zigbee switches (these are sold under almost a dozen different brand names, each with its own idiosyncrasies), and try it with Mariano’s custom driver. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll have to do some research to find the exact “fingerprint” (in the Tuya world, even two devices that look identical and have the same model number may have different fingerprints if they have different versions of the firmware) and then ask him to add that fingerprint to the driver.

(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Switch Mc, Zigbee Switch Power Mc, Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc

That’s obviously a fragile solution, because at any point smartthings might change something that breaks the integration, and then everyone is depending on one community developer, Mariano, to fix things again. Also, Tuya devices may not have all the same safety certifications. Still, it’s a popular solution, because tuya devices have very cool features, and are very inexpensive.

  1. the alternative is to get one of the options that doesn’t have its own proprietary code, like the Aeotec line of inwall zwave modules. I was going to link to their dimmer module, but everybody seems to be out of stock of those on the European/UK frequency, which may mean that a new model is about to come out. :thinking: There are some other brands, but most of those will require custom code, and then we’re back in that fragile situation, only at a much higher price point.

So… my suggestion would be to wait for matter if you can. Hopefully other people will contribute with comments about switches that they do have working in the UK right now.

thanks for your reply…

I have an existing Aeotec smartthings hub…will i need anything else before i’m able to use matter

That should be all you’ll need. :sunglasses: that model is already a certified Matter controller and includes a thread border router. So you will be able to choose either Wi-Fi over matter or thread over matter devices once they start coming on the market.

SmartThings has not yet released support for importing “matter bridges,” which will be devices that work like the hue hub does now. You’ll add the third party hub to your smartthings app, which should be easy, and then it will bring many of its attached zigbee and Wi-Fi devices along with it. So that will give you even more choices, including an easy way to add the popular Tuya switches.

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I almost forgot, aqara also has a line of zigbee Switches. They don’t need as much custom code as the Tuya ones do, and they do handle fingerprints in a standard way, so you just need to know the model number, but they do need some because the standard smartthings drivers don’t handle the multi endpoints. Here’s the community driver for those with the supported model numbers listed:

[Edge] Driver for Aqara Switches and Remotes

The same matter recommendation applies, though. Aqara will be coming out with its own hub later, this year which will act as a matter bridge, so once smartthings supports importing matter bridges, life will be much easier if you add the aqara switches to their own hub, and then use matter to bring that into smartthings. But that option isn’t here yet.

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i’m new to smartthings…when you refer to custom code, is that different to an edge driver? i have experience installing edge drivers for my hue bridge, but not sure if that’s an example of “custom code”


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Any device that communicates with a smartthings/Aeotec hub does so using an “edge driver.”

SmartThings supplies a bunch of “stock” edge drivers that are available to all customers.

However, these may be missing specific features or specific devices, so community developers will create “custom“ edge drivers, which then individual customers can choose to download to their hub. Or an individual device manufacturer may create a custom edge driver and make that available.

If you are using @blueyetisoftware ’s hue edge driver, that’s an example of custom code. Basically anything that wasn’t provided to all customers by SmartThings itself.

If you’re interested in more details on this topic, here’s the community FAQ:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)


do i need an aqara hub for the aqara switches? or will the smartthings hub suffice with the edge driver?

As of the time of this post, there’s no way to integrate an Aqara hub with a smartthings/Aeotec hub. you can connect the Aqara zigbee switches directly with a smartthings/aeotec hub using the custom driver. That works well for some people, but it is unstable for others. You may just have to try it and see.

In the future, once aqara has a hub which is a “matter bridge“ (already announced for this fall), and smartthings has added support for importing matter bridges (the intention has been announced, but no specific timeline) then you would have the option of adding the aqara Zigbee switches to their own hub, and then adding that hub to your SmartThings account.

Also, if aqara puts out any thread over matter or Wi-Fi over matter switches you would be able to add those to smartthings without needing the aqara hub as a bridge. But while Aqara has announced that some sensors are coming, they have not yet announced Switches of this type.

Neither of these matter options should require custom code.

So there will be more options in the future, we just don’t know exactly what they are.

I know you specifically asked for ST dimmers but since you mention Hue…

I have had success with Samotech switch back dimmer modules (UK with no in switch neutral) running with Hue hub and controlling via ST with @blueyetisoftware 's driver:


ok, this is interesting…i haven’t seen these before.

my understanding is they work like this:

old physical light switch → SM309 → bulb

is that correct?

the sm309 reacts to the physical switch AND also to commands sent over zigbee? that’s awesome.

i can see they have a dimmer switch, and a dimmer module with the same model number (SM309). what’s the difference between a switch and a module?

do i need to be worried about range with zigbee? will it work across a ground(hub) and first floor(switch)?

thank you for replying!!

@smartn00b they work fine with Hue hub across floors and a thick external wall, as long Hue can see them the driver can :+1:

As far as difference between switch and dimmer is concerned I assume the switch does not dim?

Yes switch, module, bulb but not 100 percent about switch alongside module options, mine are wired to switch power to the module (and so bulb) rather than operate independently but I believe that can be achieved.

Good luck :+1:

(Having said that I have just had a drop out on the Hue side for the first time since installing - a year ago +/-. They must’ve heard us talking about them, they were fine at my first post :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

do you have a link to the module/switch you bought?

I see these two options but not sure what the difference is:

  1. Zigbee Dimmer Switch [SM309]: Zigbee Dimmer Switch [SM309] – SAMOTECH
  2. Zigbee Dimmer module [SM309-S]: Zigbee Dimmer module [SM309-S] – SAMOTECH

One difference is in the wiring specifications. The S is the newer model and does not require a neutral wire.

Can be wired with or without the neutral wire

The other is the older model and does require a neutral wire.

I didn’t check the other specs to see if there were other differences.

As per screenshot I posted above :+1:

Also dropout issue was actually a coincidental power feed problem at the light fitting (units require continuity when working without a neutral). Once rectified all back online OK.


ah yes, sorry, missed the model name in the screenshot you posted. clearly my comprehension skills are lacking!

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am i right in thinking that the light connected to the SM309-S could be controlled via a hue remote as well?

Hi @smartn00b , pairing with Hue is very easy, press button on unit to put into pair mode and scan with Hue app just like adding a bulb.

Once the Hue hub finds it you are away…

really appreciate your replies.

i think i’m gonna order some soon, was the initial pairing process straight forward? i.e how did you get it paired with your hue bridge?

Hi @smartn00b , very simple to pair with Hue hub. Wire up the unit, press button to put it into pairing mode and scan with Hue app.

It is just like adding a bulb, once the Hue hub sees it you are away :+1:

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