UK LED strip?

Hi, I’ve tried to understand the various alternatives to the Hue light strip but I’m baffled by the choice and terminology!

I’m looking for a safe & reliable (and cheap!) LED 5.5metre light strip powered from a socket. I need to control on/off and brightness with Smartthings, and preferably colour as well.

What module, power supply, LED strip, and device handler is recommended in the UK in 2019 please? Links and simple words would be :fire: :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the Innr 5metre led strip from Amazon, which works fine with Hue. Doesn’t do Entertainment mode, but if you don’t use that it works fine. Currently a shade under 50 quid on amazon, which is cheaper than the Hue offering, and longer too! Works ‘out of the box’ with SmartThings via the Hue bridge.

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Can’t find a 5 metre one only 4? Looks really good though thanks!

Anyone use any longer ones?

I learnt from this using H801

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My standard solution


Power Supply:


Device Handler:

(needs a few minor tweaks to work in the new app, let me know if that applies to you?)


(Note - My old sketch shows a 12v driver for 12v strip, but I’ve specified 24v strip above. The Fibaro modue works with both voltages)

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I should also add that though I’ve shown 4 switches (which is nice to have), the module can be controlled perfectly well with a single momentary switch in rainbow mode.

Click for on/off
Hold to cycle through colours

I recommended an RGBWW strip over an RGBW strip as it gives you a dedicated white channel with bright white LED’s in addition to the RGBW LED’s… RGBW LED’s on their own don’t make a very nice white and are not as bright.

I used a series of H801 modules (£7 each), powered by a 12v DC driver (depends on size £7-£30) and have put them all around my kitchen.

LEDs are either from ebay, but the really good ones I have are from LED (… Im just a customer! I dont work for them.

You need to flash the H801s, but if you’re good with a soldering iron, its really cheap! I ended up doing a batch of 10, flashing them all, and now we have them all over the house :slight_smile:

Hi @RobinWinbourne, the link you put for the Morelight device just looks like a power supply to me but I think you’re saying you just cut-off the little round DC plug and wire it into the Fibaro?

What length of strip can be driven from one power adapter please? I hear that you get fade towards the end of the strip if it gets beyond 4 or 5m depending on the power supply. I need to have a total run of about 18 metres and it would be very useful to be able to run 2 x 9m.

That power adaptor was just an example, but yes, with that type you would cut off the small low voltage plug and wire direct to the Fibaro.

You need to match the driver to the total load and voltage of the LED strips.

Certainly don’t run 18m in one line, would definitely fade… only way to know for sure with 2x9m would be to physically test before final installation, and divide into smaller runs if necessary (you can always run extension wires alongside the strips, rather than pushing everything through adjacent strips). Some strips are better than others and it’s never a good idea to pick the cheapest option from Amazon. I have 2x8m running just fine, but’s it’s the good quality stuff.

For a total of 18m you will need to up-rate the gauge of the main wires from the Fibaro before splitting out to multiple strips, and do not exceed the rated wattage for the Fibaro (144W @ 12v / 288W @ 24v).

If in doubt, use an electrician to specify wire sizing, based on the load, voltage, power factor and length of run.

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