UK Github Working!

don’t think you clicked publish - try above again - the text colour should be black if all up to date and in sync.

Mines in blue

Looked at compare code. and it picks up the diffent versions but cant update thourgh the Update repo

Is anyone actually using this.

I had it working but removed the integration because the SmartApps and My Devices pages were taking forever to load?

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Same here. Stopped using it as it made the IDE almost unusable with the SmartApss and My Devices pages taking far to long to load.

Ah… I didn’t actually know that was the reason for the slow loads. :wink:

I use it though. I haaaaaate not knowing if something has been updated or not. I’m also quite dependent on it for my own smartapps and devicehandlers. I might remove a couple now though, as I guess the number you have also affects the update time.

Yep, I’m using it. Though it’s slow, I put up with it for convenience reasons. Publishing to github is a lot less hassle.

Any ideas Matt, CoRE has stopped working completely. I followed your instructions, created a github account, and updated CoRE but it’s still crashing and none of the pistons are working!

So thats whats now causing the timeouts I get? I think I may remove it too then. I watch for updates anyway. Cheers!

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Saying its slow, is actually being very polite on the matter :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about giving up too - it’s unusable at times. :frowning:

I think the answer here is pick and choose.

If u have one or two repos setup it works fine. If you add more it just becomes unusable.

If you’re looking at something like the latest version of core (for testing) it’s ideal. If the dth/smart app is unlikely to change then just cut and paste.

Just my two cents/pence!

I was about to ditch this approach, but I see now that it has some benefits. I’ve created a small script that fetches the latest version of smartapps/device handlers. If you use that in a local repo and commit the changes afterwards with push you’ll get to have one repo connected to ST for all your things. It’s not ideal, but I’m using it now and it works ok. Feel free to pick it up if you want. :slight_smile:

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Just a quick tip. I think someone said it before but it didn’t quite register for me. The number of files in the repo matters, not just the number of repos.

So if you did like me and followed the instructions that said to fork the SmartthingsPublic repo and added that you should remove it. Speed increased a lot after I removed that one.

If you need something from that repo copy the contents into a simpler repo of your own and have that in Smartthings. Or use my method mentioned above. :slight_smile:

Any UK users having problems with Github integration? I get the following error if I click on compare version (magnifying glass) button next to any smart app.

Also I don’t see the buttons related to github integration in the device handlers page.