Ube Dimmer Switches

Quick question. Just discovered the Ube dimmer switches Kickstarter project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/702772580/ube-wifi-connected-smart-light-dimmer?ref=live

Any idea if these dimmers will work with SmartThings? If so, it seems like they offer a few more benefits over the z-wave dimmers listed in the Partial SmartThings Compatible Devices list.  Any feedback/ideas would be great.  Trying to figure out exactly what to add to our new house to maximize the benefits of SmartThings!

That’s pretty nifty.

Nothing official yet, but no reason why not. They have an open API (suwheeeeaaat). We could possibly use IP controls to control directly from our hub. They seem to have a lot of stuff going on in that switch so I wouldn’t expect direct control anytime soon. Open API means we could connect immediately over cloud magic.

This over a Z-Wave switch? It’s personal preference. Why not mix and match :p.

This does seem sweet though! I’ll probably back myself to have one to play with :smiley:

I posted this over at the Kickstarter page, but I figured I’d post my feelings on Z-Wave dimmers vs. Ube dimmers.  Any thoughts/feedback would be appreciated.

I can see pros and cons of both the Z–Wave dimmers and the Ube dimmers.

Negatives of Z-Wave (from what I’ve read): Dimmers are known to emit an audible hum, and you can only control one light from each switch.

Positives of Z-Wave: Essentially a seamless integration with SmartThings, no fees for cloud/remote access/control of the switch, and they are about $10 a switch cheaper.

Negatives of Ube: A bit more expensive, possibly charging a monthly fee for remote control of switch and extra information (I have a question about this as well…see below).

Positives of Ube: Can control multiple lights/switches with one dimmer switch, gesture driven, light usage information displayed (possibly a part of the monthly fee), no mention of audible noise/hum from switch (but this is a bit of an unknown as they have not been released).

As for my previous question, if Ube was to charge a monthly fee to access their switches remotely, but has an open API, could SmartThings users use the open API to access the Ube switches remotely and avoid/circumvent the fee?

Just trying to figure out the best route to go down to “smarten” up our home. :wink:

We’re not going to go around a fellow Kickstarter (or any business for that matter) by doing sketchy stuff, but if the intentionally leave the API open and accessible to all users than yaaaayyy.

I’ve used the dimmers, they all make a slight hum. Good catch. I was unaware the dimmer can only control one light. The dimmer should be able to control all the lights on that switch.

Looks like it’ll all be fully open to third party. (According to their reply to my question in the comments.) So hey! Let’s get them hooked up with SmartThings! (If there are more than a handful who actually pick up the switches.) :slight_smile:

@Andrew: My mistake.  I said it wrong when I said that it can only control one light on a switch.  Z-Wave dimmers can control all the lights that are connected to that switch.  What I was trying to point out (lol…and did so poorly), is that Z-Wave dimmers cannot do what the Ube is capable of with regard to controlling all switches from one switch.  With the Ube dimmer, all the dimmers (if somehow linked) can be turned on or off from any one Ube dimmer using a two-finger pinch open or pinch close.


@Eric:  Thanks for posting those questions on the Ube Kickstarter page.  Based on their response, it seems like the API will be open and free to use (both monetarily and for other creators).  I’d love to see the creative ways that SmartThings and Ube could interact!


It would be even better if Ube and SmartThings could work something out before hand to lay some of the early ground work like they did with Instacube and Plant Link. (hint hint, Andrew).  :wink:

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@Matt - you could control all your z-wave switches with SmartApps however… so you could do things like the Ube switches do from the wall - but just have them from your phone - with the SmartApps… not always as practical - but hey - it’s there!

I decided to back these switches. Their integration with smartthings and the ability to do things like draw an “A” on the switch to arm your alarm is what sold me. If all works accordingly it would be great to be able to do things like draw letters on the switches and have smart things perform some type of action or change scenes. Seems like the fastest and cleanest way of interacting with smartthings without having to launch an app on a smart phone or tablet.

They only have 7 days left check it out!



I want it…but think I’ll wait until its on shelves…as I couldn’t handle much of a delay after its backed with a smartthings hub ready to go.

These are really cool, but so far promises outnumber features. Any word on ST end as to integration?