Two new WeMo products (2017 Dimmer switch and mini plug)

Today WeMo announced two new products a Dimmer Switch and a WeMo Mini SmartPlug. The Smart Plug is available now and the Dimmer later this year. I hope the products will be adapted to use, with Smart Things as They work really well.

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Reading an article over on and I notice it says “Belkin says that its newest release can be conditioned to work with any type of light bulb.” I wonder if this means you could use it to dim bulbs that arent designed to be dimmed? Not sure if thats even possible and if not, what they mean.

No, they mean dimmable LED and CFL as well as incandescent and Halogen. But only bulbs designed to be dimmable. It’s a poorly written release in that regard. :disappointed_relieved:

But arent those with dimmers already like that?

Do you mean switches? No, many older networked switches only worked with “resistive” loads like incandescents, and caused flickering or buzzing with dimmable LEDs.

WeMo is late to the party in introducing a dimmer switch (they didn’t have one before), so they’re using the same kind of product description as companies that did have the older style dimmers as well.

But it’s true that most networked dimming switches made in the last two years also work with dimmable LEDs. :sunglasses:

Awesome. Thanks for the info man.

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Belkin is selling the Smart Plug for 34.99 while Amazon has it for 39.99, I thought about getting it, but not sure if it will work with ST. actually I use Alexa and voice for most things. And I do have the WeMo app for my other switches and outlets.

Has anyone tried this with ST’s yet?

I have the WeMo Dimmer, no luck getting ST to recognize it, yet though. Any one else tried or had luck?

Apologies for cross posting - I’m just really excited about my shiny new ST hub and really want to use it for my dimmer switch.