Two hubs same location?

I have a detached garage that has been proving to be problematic to get a reliable connection of ADT sensors to. The garage does have a layer 2 switch and a WAP installed so there is network connectivity

Is there a way to add a second hub to my system and have that second hub share information with the main hub so that when setting the security mode the sensors on the 2nd hub trigger a security alert?

Right now I am using ADT sensors, on a ADT hub, but if a solution requires me to move away from ADT and just use zigbee or zwave sensors that would work as well.


NYou could add a Hubitat Hub to your setup. Pair the garage devices to it an mirror those devices in SmartThings via the OtherHub App.

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Because you have the ADT model hub, you will not be able to trigger a security alert from a second hub. They have the security features locked down pretty tight on that particular model.

So it just depends on what exactly you need. If you would be OK with other kinds of alerts, like a local siren or lights, there are some options. But nothing that will trigger the ADT features.

There’s a how to article in the community-created wiki on automating an outbuilding that goes through some of the options, but remember none of those can trigger ADT features on the hub in the primary location.

The new SmartThings App allows multiple Hubs to be added to one Location. Once the Hub is added, you can use the Classic SmartThings App and see you Things from both Hubs in that one Location too.

SmartThings officially does not recommend this, but does not specify the consequences or risks.

I think it is worth a try. The data structures and so on are all in place for it to work. So if there are any bugs, they are buried and not a fundament design limitation.


My zwave and zigbee devices connect pretty well in the garage, but I have been pretty careful to set up several outlets in the wall of the house facing the garage.

This leaves me two choices.

  1. I can bag the ADT features and use smarthomemonitor which very recently appeared on my ADT hub (Very cool). The disadvantage with this approach is that my wife really wants ADT service for security and likes the keypad on the hub for arm/disarm. She does not use the app.

  2. I can use a Zigbee or Zwave device, or devices. I can have these trigger a automation that turns on and off a outlet. That outlet can be connected to a plunger type solenoid that physically moves the magnet on a ADT contact sensor.

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i wonder if you can set up an automation using devices from both hubs??

I also wonder if smarthomemonitor would see sensors from both hubs

Another method would be to “cheat”

I could set up an automation for the garage based on presence. If we are not home then motion or door opening would set off sirens and a notification.

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While I don’t have much proof, it should work just fine.

All SmartApps / Scenes / Automations / SHM reside in the Location Object. If multiple-Hubs exist in that Location, the SmartApps / Scenes, etc, etc., are unaware of what device is on which Hub.

OK: There are some possible exceptions for SmartApps which perhaps are LAN device parents and use HubAction() or whatnot, but that’s rare, and not Automation/SHM related.

It won’t work with the ADT model hubs for their security features. Those operate separately from SHM.

You can talk to people in the following thread who have the ADT hub and have been using it.


ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

It is a total hack job but someone on here modified a ADT sensor to attach to a external relay or something like that. You may be able to use a zwave sensor out at your garage to trigger the the relay or whatever attached to the ADT sensor in a reliable place in your home.

I haven’t tried or heard of anyone using the ADT smartthings panel the way described above. It does sound intriguing though.

I think the real question is do you need ADT Monitoring for the garage. If not you should be able to setup some simple notification automations that could take care of your need.

ADT tools can also help if you don’t need monitoring. It has a option to enable non dual branded sensors for simple monitoring based on alarm status.