Zwave plus wiring to a ceiling fan/light

Hi just wanted to know if someone can help me out. I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom that had two switches. One turns on the ceiling fan light and the other switch turns on the ceiling fan. I bought the ge smart dimmer 14294, because I just want to control the lights only. I am not worried about controlling the fan with zwave. So I just replace the light switch with this dimmer and leave the fan switch a regular dumb switch. Or do I have to replace both with zwave switches? Sorry if this is a dumb question. The left is the light and the right is the fan.

You can leave the dumb switch in place for the fan.

What you can’t do is mix smart and dumb switches in a circuit that controls the same load (eg, a 3-way set-up where two switches control the same fixture). In the latter case you use one master then add-on switches.

It looks like you have a neutral in the box so I think you’re good to go.

Yes you can have smart & dumb switches in the same box controlling 2 different loads. I will say that while you may think that you have no interest in having control of the fan, you may as well get a fan controller and install it now. Save going back in later.
While you are in there, I would definitely clean up that wiring so you don’t have all that bare exposed wire. I don’t know who originally installed those switches, but if any inspector I know saw that they would lose their license on the spot and be sent back to school.

Thanks…another question on the light switch I have a red wire and two black wires on the switch. Would I hook the red up to the load and the two blacks to the line? Thanks again for the help. When I read the Manuel it shows red line is a travelereasonable, but my dumb switch only had to connections. Thanks the dumb switch on the right had the red wire connected to the top left and the two blacks wires to the bottom left.

When you say exposed wire are you talking about connected to the switch itself? Sorry if I sound dumb and thanks for the feedback.

I’m talking about the fact that the electrician stripped off too much insulation & there is that 1/4" of bare copper sticking out the back of the switch. The insulation should go right to the switch
White wire goes to the bundle of white wires in the box. 1 black is line in , the other black is line out to the line in of the other switch. Red is load to the lights by

Thank you for the help. I got it working, and thanks for letting me know how to properly connect and strip the wires. Guess the builder of my house did the electrical work somewhat careless.