TV won't turn on (Samsung UN55MU7000 )

I hava a UN55MU7000 TV i’m not sure if is fully compatible but my problem is that smarthing find the tv automatically add it but once is off i can’t turn it on

Samsung TV integration is currently, as one could say, broken. This is due to a firmware update on the TV. You are lucky to see yours as a device. The only thing (other than harmony hub or other IR blaster) that I have found to turn one on is the Samsung Connect app, and that only works some of the time.

There are plenty of threads on here about the current issues.

Thank you for the response i hope they fix it soon

Hi @rhoffer,

In the mean time, if you have a Chromecast connected to your TV and a Google Home, you will be able to tell GH + Turn ON/OFF (name device)TV.

After speaking with Samsung support today it seems that for TVs that are 2016 or 2017 the app is only partially compatible- you can control the tv while it is on or turn it off but you can’t turn it on. (And can’t use it properly with google home). Full functionality is only available with models from 2018 onwards