TV Volume control

Hey there,

I tried to get the current volume of my TV using the audioVolume capability. But I do always get a current value of 0% and the timestamp seems to be kind of random as well:
"volume": { "value": 0, "unit": "%", "timestamp": "2023-01-29T09:36:16.652Z" }

For the audioMute capability I do have similar issues. Also some strange timestamp and value is always unmuted:
"mute": { "value": "unmuted", "timestamp": "2023-01-21T14:57:48.976Z" }

Using the setters of both capabilities does work as expected (but does not change the timestamp as well). I sadly could not find another capability to use as alternative. Is there anything I could do wrong when getting the status or might this be a general problem with my TV (UE55MU640)?

Hi, @o-lukas

This is related to this other post and the response is similar: TV brightness control - #2 by nayelyz

We have seen that several OCF devices don’t update their status in the API but it’s shown in the app because saving it in the API is intentional, not something that is done automatically for this kind of device. As you mentioned that the commands are being sent correctly, if you’re working on a personal project, you can have your own control of the latest status for this device.