Samsung Series 6 TV no longer sending volume change events

Hi there!

I had developed a small app to limit the volume of my TV throught Smartthings. I was monitoring volume change events and I was resetting the volume if it exceeded a preset value.

Since maybe a couple of months ago, my app stopped working. I tried to debug it now, and it seems that my TV is no longer sending volume change events even though my app has subscribed to it. In addition, the status page of the TV on Smartthings portal reports the initial volume when the TV is turned ON and does not update when you manually change the volume on the TV as it used to.

I tried removing the TV from Smartthings and reconnecting it but no change.

Is anyone aware of a firmware update or any other reason why my TV is no longer working as it used to?


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I just bought one of these TVs at black Friday deals. I set it up via smartthings and the volume does not work in the app. I have a samsung soundbar connected via optical and it turns up and down with the tv remote but not the app

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How are you subscribing to audio events? My guess would be that the subscription isn’t working.

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I have a 2017 UE65KU6020 running fw 1231.1

Remote control volume updates my st app with a refresh within the tv app

And the st app in classic and new both control volume on the tv fine

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