TV Constantly Disconnects from Smartthings

My TV is always “disconnected” from the SmartThings app. I run diagnostics to no avail. TV is connected to WiFi and in fact gets the notifications from my other SmartThings devices in the home. But I cannot keep it connected to the SmartThings app.

This has been happening since I bought the TV three years ago. I remove the device from the app and re-add it, and that works for a week or two, then the same error occurs.

When I run diagnostics, I get error code OE33-16.

What can I do to get this TV to remain connected to my phone like it’s supposed to?

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From the Smartthings App contact support. Menu, Contact Us, Error reports. Or ‘Call us’.

Same! It’s such a pain! I’m a huge Samsung fan but this app is really disappointing.