Tuya zigbee termostat

Anyone know how I get this one to work with smartface whether there is a device handler

or something.

Tuya zigbee termostat

Mini Smart Radiator Actuator Tuya ZigBee3.0 Programmable Thermostat Heater Temperature Controller Voice Control

From the vendor website:
Tuya ZigBee3.0 New Mini WiFi Radiator Actuator 2MQTT Setup Smart Progr – Moes (moeshouse.com)

Skip to the Q&A at the bottom of their page:


  1. Q:Can I use my own hub to connect with the valve?

A:No,this radiator thermostat can only be used with our Moes Tuya ZigBee wireless gateway hub,so we offer the set of the two for your to purchase.

Unfortunately, it does not give me any help for a device handler.

You are correct, it doesn’t - My point in fact. It actually states that this device will NOT work with anything but their own hub I’m afraid. As far as ST is concerned, it’s an expensive boat anchor…

I just know it works with home assistant which is another Gateway so therefore it could also be that someone had made a device handler for smartthings.

Here’s a similar discussion, perhaps even the same device.

If that device is using any of the basic zigbee attributes and clusters, then a DTH could be pulled together. The advanced device capabilities are probably buried in a manufacturer’s specific cluster, which will be difficult to figure out.

I send request mail to support@rboyapps.com and ask them if they could make DH, they can make device handler for this device. But only if enough user ask for it. Soo if you are also interested sent them mail.

They reply exactly was:


Thank you for your email. We prioritize requests based on demand from users. Please feel free to spread the word and we will be happy to create a device handler for this device if enough users ask for it.

Thank you,

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I have the same issue. None of the device handlers work. I also wrote to the same address as you that I also would appretiate if they wrote a DH :slight_smile:

Let’s see …

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I have same issue

Hi, wondering if there was any update on DH for this. I just bought the same TRV, with wrong assumption that it would work with my ST hub. Looking forward to have DH compatible to work with ST.

hello, any news on dh for this device? i would be interested in zigbee thermostatic head management by tuya, thanks

Hi, i have same issue with tuya radiator valve. Is there any luck with this?