Tuya Zigbee puerta garaje

Existe un driver para un dispositivo tuya smart zigbee para puerta garaje
Muchísimas gracias

There are some garage doors integrated with “Personal Tuya Devices” from this invitation link:

To answer your question more preciselly, we would need more details.
Install this driver mentioned above and take screenshot of detail view from the app.
There should be details enough to know if there is a driver that would work for your device.

I don’t speak spanish, but I do understand a little as I speak portuguese.

Thank you very much, now the app recognises the device. SmartThings detects when the door is open or closed but does not leave me the possibility of opening or closing. The button is off.

In case you need it, this is the device. Gracias

Create a temporary routine to execute the command to open or close.
It should enable the action button.
Then you may remove the routine.
If it doesn’t work, then I will need the first detail view, right after pairing the device and before any changes in the settings.

The screenshot you sent was taken after some manual modifications in the settings.

You’re a genius, it already does everything I need. :slight_smile:
Just out of curiosity, in case I’m doing something wrong, I would have two questions.
1- is it normal for Alexa to detect it as a contact sensor and not let me open or close it? It only reflects the status of the contact.
2- if I press the open button but leave the contact closed, in the app it tells me that the door is open. It knows that the contact is closed but does not update. It stays open even the image of the door. But it knows that the contact is closed because if I press close it doesn’t give the impulse.
Thank you so much for everything.

1- Yes, it is normal. I think this is because of security reason. Contact sensor is the only state needed to check if door is open or not.
2 - The device have 2 separate states.
You are forcing a situation that won’t happen in practice when installed correctly.
I mean, if things are connected correctly, the contact sensor will open accordingly when you press open.

The screenshot isn’t right. This time it is in generic mode, but you didn’t give time to update the view.
When you change profile, sometimes the view doesn’t update correctly until the detail view is closed completely 1 or 2 times.

Thank you so much. I hope this post can help more people.:slight_smile:

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