Turning Samsung motion sensor off


I have a Samsung motion (and temperature) sensor near my door entrance (battery powered).
I use it to activate an AC, to light up the entrance if motion is detected at certain hours, to send me notification of motion when I’m off and so on…

I have only 1 issue: when I’m home, there is a lot of movement around this sensor but I don’t need the sensor to activate anything. So, the sensor battery is used with no purpose.
Is there an automation that disable the motion sensor in certain hours?


The short answer, no.
By design, the device reports motion as it detects. If you need to turn it off, then remove the battery.
I have the same SmartThings motion sensors and I cannot remember when I changed battery last in any of them, they last a half year or more. Some reports 1% and runs for ages. Battery has to be replaced when it starts to send motion on and off very often even no motion detected.
If you worry about the battery, then you should consider the power consumption of the bulbs, when they are off but still connected to your zigbee/wifi network.

If you meant that you do not want to activate the lights and stuff, then you should change the rules to do not activate when you are at home (presence), or just turn off the Automation when you are at home.

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Ok, I was thinking that the battery would last much less in this situation but clearly is not an issue.


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