Samsung Smart Things Motion Sensor question

Thinking of buying the new Samsung Smart Things motion sensor, but am confused. Specs say power source is AC, but also say battery is required. One of the consumer questions asks about battery backup and the answer is no. So… does this need to be plugged in? I have a hallway light that I want to connect based on motion sensor, but there is no electrical outlet nearby.

I just put these up… Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor, White (GP-U999SJVLBDA)
no AC required, just battery operated. Works pretty good!

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First rule of home automation: the model number matters.

There have been several different Motion sensors branded smartthings. One of the models was able to operate on mains power, but most have just been battery powered.

The current model, GP-U999SJVLBAA, is just battery powered.

That said, just to be sure, you know that this device does require a hub before you can do anything with it, right? It doesn’t send any notifications on its own. So you either need to have a smartthings hub or an echo plus or an echo show second generation in order to use the motion sensor for anything.

Thanks! Yep, my initial item to put in my cart was the Samsung 3rd Generation Hub, which I needed to buy so I can hook up my new remote controlled cellular shades to my Echo Show. They use a different protcol than the Echo Plus, and the manufacturer said that if I connect the Samsung Hub to the shades, I can also then connect Alexa, so they can be voice controlled.

But then, while looking at the hub, I noticed the motion sensor and that will totally solve a different problem in my downstairs hallway.

I appreciate the time you took to explain it, anyway, because I’m pretty knew to all of this. Got our first Echo last Christmas mostly for the shopping list ability, and once we started using it, I added them in almost every room. Don’t need to yell across our house any more to say dinner is ready.


Here are some great sensors that just dropped in price!

The seller dropped the price on the Visonic MCT-350 Window Door sensors and another seller has them at 5/$100! I’m loving these sensors better then my originals and they have a 5 year long battery life!

Here’s both links