Turning a device on/off on schedule multiple times a day

Newbie here, I have what should be a simple question but having a hard time figuring it out. I want to turn on my hot water pump connected by Leviton device at 645am and turn off at 10am. I also want to turn it on at 6pm and turn it off at 10pm every day. When I go to the device, it seems I can only schedule on/off 1 time per day. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks so much.

Sounds like you’re using the new app. You can try using the schedule on the device tab to turn it on/off in the morning, and then create an automation to turn it on/off in the evening. Or you could try creating two automations and not use the schedule on the device tab at all.

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I can do the first part and create, but I have no clue how to create an automation after that to turn it back on and off in the evening? Could you expand? Thanks

Install the Smart Lighting app in the SmartApps tab, it allows you to create multiple simple lighting automations.

You can also check out https://www.SharpTools.io from @joshua_lyon to use the web interface to create complex automations easily.

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In the home screen of the new app, click the plus symbol in the upper right, and select “add automation”.

The Smart Lighting app @RBoy mentioned is well worth checking out too, and also has the functionality you’re looking for.

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