Turn on Lights when ADT Model Hub Alerts?

A lot of people have asked this question, but I’ve never seen a definitive answer, and you can’t figure it out from the various support-based articles. At least I can’t. :wink:

So let’s say someone has the ADT model hub and they have signed up for ADT monitoring.

They also have the new app and they don’t want to use any custom code.

With other smartthings model hubs, When you use smart home monitor there is an option to notify with lights, so that specific lights that you pick will come on if there is a smart home monitor event.

What I want to know is if you use the ADT key fob remote to trigger an alarm on the ADT model hub, so that the siren inside that hub is going off, is there an option through the official features to also turn on specific lights?

So I don’t want an answer that involves the web core, or “ADT tools 2” Or the classic app.

Just the new app with the official features.

Also, I do know that you could use one of the ADT dual logo sensors to have the lights come on at the same time that it was triggering an alert to ADT by setting up individual custom automations for it, but that’s not the same thing as when I’m asking. Because I want to know if someone pushes the alarm button on the ADT panel or uses the ADT key fob remote, (Devices which are not normally exposed to the custom automation rule creator in the new app), if you could make the lights come on at the same time that the other alarm triggered ADT events were occurring, and if so, how?

(Also, if you know the answer for someone who hasn’t signed up for the paid service, that would be good too. :sunglasses: )


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Also, I’m really confused about how the official smart home monitor feature works if you are using the ADT model hub. So if anyone could post some screenshots of that and highlight any differences from the regular smart home monitor feature, that would also be great. :sunglasses:

And again, I am only talking about the official features in the new app. No custom code.


( there are a lot of Iris refugees who were using their system primarily for monitored security, but who liked the fact that they could very easily tie in their other devices like lights. I know how to do that for the non-ADT models, but that doesn’t have the same level of security features. What I don’t know is if you even can do it with the ADT model of the hub. Because I don’t really understand what happens to SHM once you have that model. )

As far as what happens to SHM it is pretty straight forward. The official answer I got from Smartthings support was that the available apps were limited once the ADT Smartthings Panel was added due to concerns about compatibility. I haven’t seen anything to show why there is that belief though. This will happen to any user that installs the ADT Smartthings panel on a location.