Turn off the tree lights

Just thought I would post up a suggestion which may be common sense to others, but it may help some out.

Ive set up the outdoor christmas lights on smart plugs, and I have them on a schedule to turn on and off at set times. I also intend to put the internal lights on smart plugs too and add them to the “off” schedule only. This way only the outdoor lights will turn on when I am away from home, no indoor lights (for safety reasons).

The thought process being that if my wife and I forget to turn manually off any of the tree or any other decorative lights around the house (or the kids tun any of them on without us realising), then we know that they will be turned off automatically at midnight anyway.

Obviouly most lights these days are LED and arent of the hot type, but with various makes and models out there, it may be something for people to consider.


Many community members automate their holiday lights in different ways.

If you check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look in the project report section, there is a list there for holiday project reports which has many interesting ideas. :snowman_with_snow:️:christmas_tree:


I’ve just got mine associated with the Good Night routine. If they’re on, they’ll turn off with the rest of the house, if they’re off…well then nothing to do :slight_smile:

I was going to resist getting my outdoor xmas lights onto ST. But then my wife asked me to light some additional trees in the backyard, so since I need a new timer anyway the GE outdoor one makes sense.
Maybe it’ll arrive by xmas eve