Connect a centra light outlet to control christmas lights

Hey guys,
I just recently got the smartthings system and I have just connected the centra light outlet that comes with the kit. I am trying to get it to turn my christmas lights on and off at a specific time. I thought I had it figured out but it is not cutting on or off. Can anyone help me on how to set this up in my smartthings app?

@Sean_Mills, no problem. I just did the same for our tree, and have been doing that for my outside lights based on sunset/sunrise times. Here’s how:

In the app, your outlet will be listed under Things, but maybe also under Lights & Switches within the Dashboard. If it isn’t there just tap on the gear in the upper right hand corner of the app within Lights & Switches, scroll all the way down until you see “Auto import existing switch devices”. Just step through that process until you are completely done.

Next, while in Lights & Switches, tap the gear again. Find your outlet in the list and tap on it. You’ll be presented opportunities to customize control for your outlet. Select “Turn on using a schedule” and step through what times and options you want. Do the same thing for “Turn off using a schedule”.

That should be pretty much it. Hope that helps.

Perfect, thanks for the help. It’s just a matter of learning how to navigate the app interface.